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We round off our confidential Emmy series with my conversation with a publicist who represents top talent both on cable and on streaming shows. Our publicist has worked for more than four networks, including cable and streaming services.

What I loved hearing with this Emmy Confidential interview was how much the publicist wanted to vote for the premiere lineup. They wanted to vote for shows that meant something to people who don’t normally see their stories portrayed on television. They had amazing things to say about what they voted for, especially in limited series and drama series races. If these were the winners on Sunday night it would be a fantastic trio.

Drama series – Pose
There are movies and TV shows that are awesome, but there is also art that makes sense. That is why I prefer to vote. This show has done so much for the trans community in terms of representation. With Billy Porter announcing that he was HIV positive and that his character died of AIDS, it got him to do so many touching and poignant interviews. The meaningful art that is Pose that’s why I voted for. It’s very punchy, and it’s a great series with incredible production value. Hair, makeup, and costumes all won last week, and these wins are so deserved.

Mj faces some big hitters, but I really support her. I think Billy’s in the bag. Prior to this year, Pose had won just one Emmy, and this year tripled. I am so happy that the last season received this recognition. The hairstyle, makeup and costume package is so amazing.

Comedy series – Ted lasso
It is unmatched. We’re strictly talking about the first season, and this show appeals to everyone. You don’t have to give a fuck about football because it is such an enjoyable sight. It’s joyful. Clever. Many comedies of the past decades have relied on handy fruit making fun of people. When a comedy can go above and beyond and have smart writing like this, it’s awesome.

I like Friends but that template or that writing wouldn’t fly. Even with something like The Big Bang Theory, there were actors who could speak intelligently, but it was just someone saying something cheesy. This is not a joke. Writing for television has arrived so far, but everything about Ted Lasso is top notch. The casting is great. The actor does an impeccable job. It’s a show for everyone.

Limited series – I can destroy you
I went there with I can destroy you because, in the end, I didn’t think The Underground Railroad has a chance to win. Barry Jenkins’ work was really there for me, but what Michaela Coel was able to accomplish and put so much into it of herself is amazing. Many people have similar feelings or have been sexually assaulted. In this particular climate, you have to handle this material in a certain way, and the way Coel did it was really important. It is one of those works of art that can help people. It helped people.

Easttown mare was really fun to watch week to week. The Queen’s Gambit was fun, but these are easy to dig. It’s not that the people who made these shows did a bad job. They all deserve their nominations. Creating a mysterious murder or that of an orphan who plays chess… it’s not as great an achievement as giving me an exceptional limited series.

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In addition to talking about the categories of the series, we discussed the outstanding lead actress in a limited series and how they would have voted for someone who was not even on the ballot: Thuso Mbedu. Like their selections for the main categories, they expressed how Mbedu’s performance was superior to that of the nominees. This continued with a conversation that black artists are only nominated for performances that deal with actual figures and pain.

What Thuso did in The Underground Railroad is unmatched. Anya Taylor-Joy-great actress. Kate Winslet, always fantastic. I am not saying that they are not capable of this greatness. Kate obviously put on some amazing portraits, but I don’t think what she did in Mare was a career best. Everything Thuso had to embody to play the role of Cora is something I cannot forget. Not to mention what it takes for a young black woman to step into the open space to play this role.

Tune in to the Emmys this Sunday to see if The Publicist’s selections win top prizes!


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