5 Best Sites for Recession-Resistant Stock Research


The best stock research site will make it easier to choose the right investments for your portfolio during tough economic times. During an economic downturn, you need to be even more careful about the stocks you buy.

Recession-resistant stocks may be what you need in your portfolio when economic constraints loom. What are the best recession-proof stock research sites? In addition to your favorite site, TipRanks, we’ll look at several other websites you can use to research stocks before you buy.

What are the best stocks to buy in a recession?

A recession is marked by widespread job losses and reduced sales for businesses. As a result, stock prices can fall sharply during a recession as companies report weak sales and cut dividends.

A common reaction among investors fearing an impending recession is to sell stocks in their portfolio to conserve cash. This can be a dangerous strategy because you can miss rare opportunities that arise during market downturns for long-term investors. A better strategy is to turn to defensive stocks.

In difficult market conditions, Health care, Utilityand Consumer goods corporations are usually the exception. They tend to do better than others, even in tough economic times. As a result, investors are looking for recession-proof stocks in these sectors.

Here are some of the other steps you may want to take to successfully invest during a recession:

  • Avoid growth stocks for now – Due to their lack of strong finances, growing businesses may struggle or fail in the event of a recession. Instead of growth stocks, look for value stocks.
  • Apply the dollar cost averaging strategy – In dollar cost averaging, you regularly invest a set amount of money, regardless of market conditions. During a recession, you can use this money to buy high-quality stocks at a lower cost.
  • Dividend stocks are your best bet – Dividend stocks are important to have in your portfolio, especially if a recession is looming. If a stock’s price drops, you can offset that with the dividends you receive and maintain a healthy portfolio.
  • Keep calm and look ahead – Investors generally dread recessions, and many often panic and make bad choices. The cornerstone of successful long-term investing is sticking to your plan. If you have a well-diversified portfolio built according to your risk profile, your investment should survive a recession.

Choosing the Best Site for Recession-Resistant Stock Research

There are countless stock research platforms, but you need to select the one that best suits your needs. When it comes to investing, people’s financial goals and investment styles can vary widely.

For example, while some might invest to save for a down payment on the purchase of a home, others might be trying to build a retirement fund. Additionally, while some investors may be interested in trading stocks frequently, others may be looking to build long-term portfolios.

Whatever your goal or style, you’ll need to research the market to identify the investments that best suit your interests. As part of the investment due diligence, you will want to select stocks to establish a short list of potential investment goals. You can also analyze fundamental and technical parameters of the stock and keep up to date with company, industry and economic news.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best recession-proof stock research sites:


The TipRanks stock research platform is designed for the average investor. Instead of overwhelming you with ratios and financial formulas, TipRanks gives you the most important financial information you need, providing enough detail to help you make the right choice of stocks to include in your portfolio.

For starters, TipRanks’ Smart Score tool tells you how likely a stock is to outperform or underperform market averages. If you’re looking to beat S&P 500 returns, look for stocks with the “Perfect 10” score.

Additionally, TipRanks provides important information to help you decide more easily where to invest. For example, you can see favorite stock picks from top-performing hedge funds and top recommendations from Wall Street analysts.

Plus, you can view stock picks from top-performing portfolios of retail investors like you. TipRanks also allows you to quickly filter stocks based on dividend yield, target price upside, and/or analyst consensus ratings.

Yahoo finance

Yahoo Finance is another well-known investment research site. It has a stock screening tool that you can use to screen stocks to select the most suitable investments based on your interests. In addition to accessing financial data from various companies, you can also view research reports and updates on stocks, markets, and the economy.

Although Yahoo Finance can be a great stock research service, navigating the site can feel overwhelming even for a professional investor. It is full of information and data that you might struggle to understand how to apply for your research.


Barron’s is an online investing site. The authors of the platform share investment ideas on stocks, bonds, funds, etc. The site is primarily focused on fundamental investment analysis for long-term portfolios.

Each week, Barron’s publishes a list of the top five stock picks, based on company and industry research analysis. Although Barron’s target audience is primarily finance professionals, it can still be a good stock research site for the average investor. However, Barron’s has limited stock screening tools compared to TipRanks.


The list of the best recession-proof stock research sites would be incomplete without a mention of Kiplinger. This personal finance website can also be useful if you are looking for stocks to buy for a recessionary portfolio.

The site shares information on investment ideas. You can learn about the best stocks to buy in various economic conditions. For example, you can find articles on the best defensive stocks to buy during a recession.

Additionally, Kiplinger publishes research reports on the best stocks to buy for dividends or growth.


This platform offers investors a space to share and discuss investment ideas. It can be a good resource to help you understand what investors are saying and analyze market sentiment. StockTwits also gives you a view of trending stocks, most active stocks, and most followed stocks. Plus, you can see real-time price data.

Conclusion – What is the best site for researching recession-proof stocks?

With many stock research websites, which one is right for you? Your research needs will influence the platform you choose. Most investment research sites will provide you with financial information, price data, and fundamental and technical metrics.

However, with additional information such as hedge fund activity, insider trading, and blogger sentiment, you might have a much easier time finding the best stocks to buy to invest in during the recession. TipRanks excels at providing stock research insights that go beyond the obvious, and it can help you navigate any market condition.



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