5 Sites to Discover the Best YouTube Channels and Creators Recommended for You


You are probably already subscribed to a few channels. Then YouTube recommended a few more that you might like based on that. But let’s face it, these are often pretty bad. So if you’re tired of irrelevant YouTube recommendations for channels, you need to step away from its algorithm and find other ways to discover creators.

Some websites keep a directory of all the channels on YouTube and offer ways to filter or search them. Others use crowdsourced recommendations to find similar channels. And you can always count on curators to direct you to the best YouTube creators.

YouTube has over 50 million channels, but as you might have guessed, most of them aren’t worth subscribing to. The folks at Find A Channel (FAC) have indexed over 210,000 unique channels you need to know.

The main page of the site allows you to search, sort or filter channels creatively. For example, you can set how many subscribers the channel should have, how many videos they have uploaded, how many times they have been viewed, and when they started. You can also set “severity” to low, medium, or high, which is FAC’s estimate of a channel’s content engagement.

In the Explore Channels section, you’ll find great lists created with these creative filtering options. For example, “Rising Stars” lists 100 YouTube channels launched in the past three years that already have between 1,000 and 25,000 subscribers. Or there are channels with many subscribers but very few uploaded videos.

Each listing displays the channel name, description of the “About” section, and the total number of videos, subscribers, views, and estimated monthly revenue. And you can always use the “Random Channel” button to find a cool creator.

If you like FindAChannel, you should also check out Channel Crawler, which indexes over 5 million channels and offers advanced search and filtering options. We covered this in more detail earlier in our tools for discovering new YouTube channels.

Similar Channels is a website where you find channels similar to a popular YouTube creator, as the name suggests. But unlike the YouTube algorithm, all channel suggestions here are from ordinary people, and anyone can also vote up and down on these suggestions to get the top ranking.

Search for a channel and you’ll find basic information about it (like subscribers, views, and number of videos posted) as well as a list of similar channels added by other users. Again, this list displays the same basic information for each channel, ranked by user votes. If you sign up, you can choose to be notified when someone adds new suggestions.

Similar channels also allow users to create collections of channels, and anyone can browse them. It’s a cool way to discover YouTube creators around a particular theme, even if they don’t appear as similar channels.

You can browse similar channels by categories such as tech, food, sports, knowledge, music, games, and several other popular genres on YouTube. There’s also a button to take you to a random channel, to perhaps stumble upon a new favourite.

3. TubeFilter (Web): Find YouTube Millionaires, Most Viewed Weekly Channels, and Awards

TubeFilter has been blogging YouTube channels since 2007 and is one of the best resources for YouTube creators to learn more about the creator economy. While its main purpose isn’t to help you find new channels, it’s a great way to discover creators.

In the weekly YouTube Millionaires section, TubeFilter profiles channels that have recently passed the one million subscriber mark. Along with a brief description of why the videos are worth watching, they also ask the creator for more information.

Another weekly article worth reading is the “Top 50 Most Watched YouTube Channels Around the World” update. Although the Chart Toppers are generally consistent, the Top Gainers section is where you’ll find a fantastic new channel every week.

Finally, TubeFilter also hosts the annual Streamy Awards to honor top creators. Browse the list of their past winners on the website to find a variety of channels you can subscribe to across multiple categories and genres.

4. YouTube Learn (Web): Handpicked Best Educational Channels on YouTube

Experts from various fields share their best tips and lessons for free on YouTube. YouTube Learn is a handpicked selection of the best YouTube channels to learn new skills, but only in English.

You can use the search bar to find what you’re looking for or browse by categories such as Design, Programming, Science, Math, Social Studies, Business, Finance, Startup, Film, Video Editing , photography, music, fitness, yoga, and personal development. Some have subcategories, like science divided into astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, and “top science channels on YouTube.”

The final list is quick and easy to browse. You’ll find the channel name and link, along with a one-line description that perfectly sums up what you need to know. YouTube Learn is a really nifty resource, and you can even request to add a skill that isn’t on the site yet.

5. Social Blade Charts (Web): Top 100 YouTube Channel Charts

Social Blade is an analytics company that tracks user statistics on YouTube. You’ll need a premium subscription for advanced analytics useful for marketing or sales, but for non-professional users, Social Blade’s free “Top Lists” works like a Billboard Top 100 chart for YouTube channels.

By default, you can view the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels, sorted by subscribers or video views. Social Blade also shows you the number of videos uploaded to the channel and gives it a rating to say how influential it is right now. You can expand this list to view the top 5,000 YouTube creators right now.

Social Blade shows you the top 100 channels by country or categories like Auto & Vehicles, Movies, Games, News & Politics, Music, How To & Style, Science & Tech, Sports , travel, etc. Finally, you can also view the top 500 winners on YouTube over the past day, week, or month to find new channels you might want to follow.

How to download all videos in a channel

YouTube now lets you officially download videos through YouTube Premium, but that doesn’t make it easy for you. Especially if you have discovered a new channel, you might want to download all of their videos so that you can watch them on the go or while working out. Or you might just want to download any new video posted by the channel.

For some reason, YouTube doesn’t have an easy option for this. It’s boring and frustrating. For now, the best solution is to create a playlist of all the videos in a channel and then use one of the best YouTube playlist downloaders.


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