7 Free Platforms to Showcase Your Freelance Writing Portfolio


A portfolio is a collection of your past writing work as a freelance writer. It’s essential in your career because it’s what companies use to determine whether or not to hire your services.

So, where are the best places to showcase your portfolio? You may have heard of paid sites like Clippings.me and Journo Portfolio, but you don’t necessarily have to pay just to view your work. In this article, let’s take a look at free platforms where you can showcase your freelance writing portfolio and the potential benefits of using these websites for your work.

1. Your own website

Creating and using your own website to showcase your writing portfolio offers the most flexibility in terms of display. You can customize your site’s theme and font, as well as create unique categories to display your published work.

You can also start blogging on your website. This way, your blog posts can also serve as writing examples. As you gain traffic in the future, your website also has the potential to serve as another revenue stream through ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

Although you have to pay to get a .com domain, if you’re just starting out, it’s best to focus on adding new work to your portfolio and familiarizing yourself with website builders. You can start immediately with a free plan on platforms like WordPress.com.


Social media such as Twitter and Instagram are a great way to expose your work to people. You can extract quotes and post interesting excerpts from your articles, with a link to the full text in a story or post. By using hashtags, the public can then easily discover, follow and share your work.

It is also possible that your content will become popular or viral. These are great ways for potential customers to see that you have what it takes to produce engaging content that people want.

As a reminder, be sure to maintain the professionalism of your freelance writing profile on social media. It is best to keep it separate from your personal account, so as not to accidentally post too informal information and images that will have a negative impact on the image of your work.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking sites in the world. There are several ways to showcase your freelance writing portfolio here. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your online resume. Therefore, you can add the links to your published articles under each work experience. This automatically displays the image, title, and excerpt of your content written for a former client or employer. Another way is to add the links to your LinkedIn profile Highlighted section to highlight your work.

It is important to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Having an attractive and complete visual can open you up to more freelance writing job opportunities. For example, when business owners are looking for freelance talent to join their team, the work you showcase may be exactly what they are looking for. Recruiters browsing LinkedIn can also easily see your profile and can contact you if you are a good fit for their clients.

Upwork is a global marketplace that connects freelancers with clients. Although you may have heard of its reputation as a content mill, it is good for beginners to find freelance writing jobs. It helps you overcome impostor syndrome and practice pitching.

For experienced freelancers, even if you’ve been let down by the lower paying jobs, posting your freelance writing portfolio on Upwork is still worth a try. Upwork is many people’s first stop when looking for freelancers, and there are still plenty who are willing to pay well for writing talent.

Instead of filtering through the daily avalanche of Upwork jobs yourself, just let your past work speak for itself. If it matches what someone is looking for, they will message you and you will be notified by email. You can easily earn another high-paying freelance client this way!

Contently is a content marketing platform that serves clients from various industries. As a writer, you can showcase your freelance writing portfolio on Contently by creating an account and adding your published articles as Projects under your profile.

Content browses portfolios uploaded to their site to match freelancers with their clients. Check that you have your account Available to work setting enabled so you don’t miss this. If the match is successful, Contently offers you training to use their platform and accept client assignments.

Medium is an online publishing platform where you can write about a wide range of topics. On Medium, you can write articles and include internal links to direct readers to your website, or even reuse and repost content you’ve already created.

However, make sure you have the right to repost the content. If it’s a blog post you wrote on your own website, that’s okay. But you shouldn’t repost content you wrote for a client, even if you have a byline. In the future, if you meet Medium’s partner program criteria, you can even earn money by posting content on the platform.

Pinterest is well known for its visual search results. Popular Pinterest content revolves around topics like fashion, food, and DIY. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for writers who specialize in writing such content, since users of the platform are already looking for it.

On Pinterest, you can display your freelance writing portfolio by creating pins of your content and organizing them in a way that makes your Pinterest boards stand out.

You might have a notable blogger or web editor who stumbles upon your work – again, these are potential opportunities for networking and guest blogging. It’s a great way to drive traffic to the content you’ve already written and get your name out in the niche you’re in.

Showcase your best freelance writing work and get more clients

From pitching to writing to invoicing, you have to wear many hats when you’re a freelance writer. While it’s tempting to use all available platforms to gain maximum visibility at once, it’s best to choose a few strategically so you don’t spread yourself too thinly across your business. independent writing.


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