A senior army officer in charge of setting up the logistics of the theater command: The Tribune India


Ajay Banerjee

Tribune press service

New Delhi, September 8

The long-awaited formation of the armed forces’ theater command structure gained ground with a military high command tasked with setting up the administrative and logistical structure of the theater command on the western front.

A theater command aims to consolidate available military resources under a single command authority for a specified area. The government mandated the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat to create the theater commands.

The CDS tasked the Indian Army Southwest Command Commander in Jaipur to set up the Western Theater Command structures that would deal with the borders with the Western neighbor.

The existing area of ​​the army’s northern command has been kept out of theatricalization. The deployment of the IAF in J&K and Ladakh will also not be changed. The complete merger of three armed forces into a “theater command” would take at least two years, official sources said.

“The thought process is still ongoing. The Jaipur-based commander will come with the plan on which all Army, IAF and Navy units will be integrated under the Western Theater. Once this plan is ready and the structures are in place, a theater commander will be appointed and will be given “operational command and control” of the units that fall under the Western theater. The existing Army, IAF and Navy “area commands” would cede their “operational powers” ​​to the theater commander. Gradually, all the roles of the existing commands will revert to the theater commander. The existing commands will function in an advisory capacity to the theater commander, ”the sources added.

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