Aaron Boone lashes out at media as Yankees lose sixth straight series for first time in nearly three decades

Rob Tringali. Getty Images.

21 points in 11 games. 3 points or less in 12 of their last 15 games. 4-14 in August. Their 15.5 game lead has been reduced to just 7 in the last 37 games. The Yankees are about to blow it all up as their slide seems to have no end in sight. Looking for positivity, you will never find me as your man. Even for the most eternal optimist, it’s BAD. Blaming it all on Stanton’s absence is foolish at this point. No baseball formation produces so little for so long. It’s been bullshit for weeks, but the last seven have been the most painful.

All of this led to Boone lashing out at the media. Every day the Yankees lose, they don’t score, and Boone gets asked the same questions from the media. Is it a stress problem? Do you recognize that the division leader is decreasing? What must change? Today we had a table slam.

It’s never a good thing when you have to say “we can fix it”.

It was him yesterday

At this point, I don’t care as much about what Boone says to the media. My question is, does he bring that kind of emotion to the clubhouse team? Is he still that player-friendly manager who encourages everyone to do their best and pat them on the back when things go wrong, or does he go after those guys then that the losses accumulate?

Every day I hope to see a spark. Somehow, a grand slam without three extras wasn’t the thing. Since then, they have scored four points in three games. If they don’t change that soon, I just won’t survive. It’s a special kind of screwed up.

The next three matches are against Alek Manoah, Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom. If you need me, I’ll be at the bottom of the Hudson.

Call Oswald Peraza


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