All the best sites to get your piece as a freelance writer


You may have heard that there is money in writing, and of course you want to know if there is any truth in that. Let me start by saying, yes, it’s true!

So how do you start? How do you monetize your writing skills? What are the best sites for beginners? These are the questions this article will answer.

If you are a beginner, look online

For someone just starting out as a freelance writer, you may not have a stable network of jobs and opportunities, so your best bet is to take advantage of legitimate sites that allow you to offer your service. in exchange for compensation.

Which Freelance Websites Are Best For Beginners?

1. Gig Website Writing

When many people think of freelance writing, they automatically think of short writing gigs in exchange for money. Many sites allow writers to offer this service, and some of them require a paid subscription to access the opportunities.

But what if you’re not ready to deposit coins when you haven’t even started earning any?

Here are some free sites where you can secure writing gigs:


This is a great site for beginners. To get started, you’ll need to fill out a form and respond to two 250-word writing prompts. Your results will determine your level and the writing assignments you can choose from. The higher you rise as a writer, the more money you will earn.


It is arguably the most popular site for freelancers that has a great market for writers. It is set up to allow offers for both short-term and long-term jobs. Another benefit of Upwork is that the site keeps track of all work done by freelancers, which helps build your reputation.


This site regularly features blogs and freelance writing gigs. It is basically a job site where freelancers can search for gigs. You may need writing samples to prove you know your onions.

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2. Article Submission Sites

Freelance writers also have the option of submitting stories, articles, and reviews to certain websites and getting paid. Usually, all the freelancer needs to do is carefully study the submission guidelines, submit articles, and then wait for feedback. If the pitch is accepted, they submit their writing and get paid.

Some websites that offer this service include:

Which freelance website pays the most?

Most freelance websites offer varying rates for writing jobs depending on the nature of the article requested, the skills of the writer, their negotiating ability, and the party seeking the service.

Ultimately, consistency is key for a beginner hoping to make money from freelance writing. Not only will this build your reputation, but the more jobs you do, the better you will get at it. Of course, the money wouldn’t hurt either. Cha Ching!

Note: Although these are trusted sites for freelance writers, potential users are advised to exercise due diligence when interacting with clients and other users on the sites.

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