Anderson Valley Brewing Company unveils new logo and packaging


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Boonville, California, April 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Northern California Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC), a pioneer in the craft beer industry for more than three decades, today unveiled its new logo and visual identity. AVBC’s new look is immediately rolled out with new packaging on the shelves this summer. The new style of the brewery was developed in partnership with a renowned international design and brand firm Foreign and foreign and highlights the history of the legendary brewery while updating and refining branding and artwork.

“We knew from the start, when the family bought the brewery, that one of our first big projects was going to be the packaging and branding redesign. In doing so, we made sure to put her story and her spirit first every step of the way, ”said Katee McGee, Creative Director, Anderson Valley Brewing Company. “The process itself took over a year and a tremendous amount of energy because we have an obligation to do it right. We owe it to this brand and all of the work that the people who have come before us have done to make sure we do a thoughtful and respectful update, and we think we’ve hit the mark. Making great beer really is the hardest part and the team here has been nailing it for decades. Our new look is truly recognition and celebration of these efforts.

As part of the new branding, consumers will recognize AVBC’s beloved mascot, “Barkley the Beer” (its name since the 1980s). Barkley is a nod to the early days of the brewery, the brand personality and the people who make up the brewery. AVBC’s slogan “The legendary beer from Boonvillerefers not only to the historic brewing achievements of AVBC, but also to the old joke “what do you get when you cross a bear and a deer – a beer!” More precisely, The legendary beer from Boonville refers to the mythical colony of wood-burning beers that make Anderson Valley their home and AVBC looks forward to bringing Barkley and his beer friends out to the Redwoods woods and the wider world.

“Anderson Valley Brewing Company is an icon, one of the original craft breweries, located in an iconic part of the world with an even more iconic symbol: beer. This mythical creature has long been said to roam freely in the beautiful local forest and, although descriptions may not always be consistent, sightings persist, ”said Kevin Shaw, Founder of Foreign and foreign. “The new branding celebrates beer with elevated typography and style that does these world-class beers justice.”

New packaging featuring Barkely aluminum cartons and cans and 100% recycled and endlessly recyclable full-wrap will begin rolling out starting with a brand new 12-pack Gose Variety, hitting shelves on weekends. -end of Memorial Day.


About Anderson Valley Brewing Company For over 33 years, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has handcrafted authentic beers and lagers in a sustainable manner with balance and complexity. Founded in 1987 on the lower level of Buckhorn Saloon in Boonville CA, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has become widely recognized as one of the true pioneers of craft brewing. From flagship Boont Amber Ale to innovative seasonal offerings like Blood Orange Gose, every Anderson Valley Brewing Company beer is crafted with purpose and an unwavering commitment to producing world-class beer. Anderson Valley Brewing Company is available in 39 states and at its Taproom in Boonville, CA. For more information visit our website. Stay up to date with the latest news from AVBC via Facebook and Instagram.

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