Ange only responds to those from Celtic. Not idiots in the media like Keevins.


The more I hear about people’s reactions in the media to what (almost haha) happened on Saturday, the more thrilled I am about this last-minute winner.

Because it not only secured us three points, but it deprived them of an opportunity to undermine our manager.

Idiots would have been out in force trying to figure it out and what was “wrong” with his team.

Well, here is the answer.

Sometimes teams go through a spell like this. It happens to all of them. The greatest football team I’ve seen in my life was Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​in all their glory. They had the best player to ever play the game in their team and they were a star-studded collection of European and world champions.

They haven’t won every game. They went through sticky spells where even they looked ordinary. No one suggested that these periods represented a crisis or that their manager had “questions to answer”. However, after a match that we won, it was the accusation brought to the door of Ange Postecoglou by a particular hack on Saturday.

No prizes for guessing who.

Replacements were questionable, he said.

Yes. Presumably even the one who brought in James McCarthy, the guy who played such an active role in helping the winner.

Also the best decision of the day was the player Ange didn’t decide to take out, Giorgios Giakoumakis, who most hacks say didn’t make the runs.

Each of them would have questioned this decision if not for this last-minute winner. And each of them would have been wrong to do so, even if they hadn’t scored. He is the best penalty box footballer in this country. No other player in the league would have put so much pressure on the end of that ball with so little play in the game.

Have you ever had the feeling that maybe our manager knows a thing or two that those unfortunate idiots don’t? Do you ever think that they have to realize one day what they look like when they act this way?

Because, honestly, it is sometimes painful to listen to it.

Who are these people to question Ange and his knowledge of the game?

Their job as experts is to enlighten their listeners, viewers and readers, but what insight can you get from those fools who don’t even know as much as the average guy in the pub?

The arrogance of suggesting the manager has questions to answer…the manager they kicked off at the start of last season before they had even unpacked their boxes and set up their office, and who won the league from a start stopped…it’s mind blowing.

Ange only has to answer to two groups of people; the fans and the board.

He’s the title-winning boss and, with a few exceptions, he’s made the big decisions perfectly. Even the parts of his strategy that I was sure, at first, had to be flawed turned out to be quite correct.

It’s a joke that these people think they can guess it.

It’s these people’s job to report the facts and they have every right to debate decisions and discuss incidents and outcomes…but it burns me when they think they have a divine right to answers on issues. things they don’t understand.

Keevins and others this weekend were shown by Ange.

The choices he made led to victory.

The attitude and belief he instilled in this team got them over the line.

If we had drawn the game, they were welcome to sharpen their pencils as they pleased and talk about rubbish; it would have burned them long before the end of the season.

But start questioning him about a game where we took three points and where his key choices were essentially justified?

This says more about their giant egos than it does about Ange Postecoglou’s skills.

They have balls. How dare they.


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