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Rich Eisen had the opportunity to be the play-by-play voice for the NFL’s first-ever game in Germany last Sunday with the crew of NFL GameDay Morning (Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner and Michael Irvin). Calling a game is something Eisen has done for NFL Network before, but he doesn’t do it often.

Eisen was the guest of the Green light with Chris Long podcast this week and he told Long the four of them had a repeat game in October to prepare for the Seahawks-Buccaneers in Germany. It was then that Eisen noticed something.

“We rehearsed for the Saints-Cardinals game on Thursday night (late October) and the 4 of us went to a studio with a green screen behind us and imitated what the setup would look like. I’ve done it before, but I haven’t done it in years. I just noticed that I was talking a lot. There are 3 other voices to enter.

“By talking a lot, I mean like I’m chaining sentences because that’s what I normally do on this show for 3 hours and NFL Gameday Morning for 4 hours and it’s a totally different business.”

Eisen mentioned that he sought advice from Al Michaels on how to let the game breathe.

“I told him I had to be a little shorter. I need to let the game breathe a bit and he gave me some good advice. It says that when calling a game, you speak in captions and ellipsis. By captions he just means captioning the image and the ellipsis is like a period period period in your sentence. You don’t need to finish your sentence. Let the picture complete your sentence for you.

”When you’re describing a play and you see that amazing pass, you don’t have to say it’s an amazing pass. All you have to do is have him throw. You use your voice to meet the moment. I wanted to have that kind of mentality and it’s not easy.

Overall, Eisen enjoyed the experience of being in Germany and said he thinks you’ll see an NFL game there more often in the future.

“It was amazing. It was like any Super Bowl I’ve been to, to be honest with you. A week buildup, you felt it all in the city. Huge stadium event, massive ceremonies pre-game, Tom Brady is playing there… There was a whole different vibe. The stadium was cool. It was just awesome. There’s a doubt in my mind that the NFL is going to have a game or two in Germany for all time.


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