Army hosts seminar for social media influencers and bloggers


The Nigerian Army Department of Civil and Military Affairs organized a seminar for social media influencers, bloggers and online journalists in Sokoto State.

Speaking at the event, Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya said the 20th edition of the seminar was themed: “Non-Kinetic Lines of Operation of he Nigerian Army: The Role of Social Media, was a means of interacting with the civilian population to foster harmonious and cordial civil-military relations.

Represented by the Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Major General Marcus Kyangye, Farouk added that the seminar which started in 2018 had achieved the desired objectives.

He called on social media influencers, bloggers and online journalists to rally their support for the Nigerian military and encourage them to enlighten the general public on the dangers of disinformation and fake news to the overall security of the country. .

COAS urged the media to view the military as partners and avoid reporting that would portray the institution in a bad light.

Executive Director Security Affairs Limited, an Army partner group for training, Austin Peacemaker, said many issues that would have snowballed in a protracted confrontation between the Army and the public had been resolved at the friendly thanks to the enlightenment of the public.

He implored the media to take advantage of the robust platform created to ensure that security reports are handled in a more professional manner as this will further engender peace in the country.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Civil Society Conference of Nigeria, CNSC, Comrade Adams Otaku urged Nigerians to support the Nigerian military to enable them defeat the common enemies of the country.

He noted that the pen is more powerful than the gun, hence the need for the media to support the Nigerian military in their reporting.


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