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Residing in Michigan, Wendee Wendt married her high school sweetheart and has two boys, both now teenagers. What began many years ago as a mental escape from hectic family life through his love of words, has instead blossomed into a successful freelance career in writing and editing.


While ghostwriting for CEs and CMOs in the business world, she uses her current Hubspot certifications in digital and inbound marketing (currently working on more!) to turn difficult corporate financial information into more manageable material and based on social media.

Being flexible in style has given way to an assortment of client projects ranging from branding, website, blogs and magazine copy to online development and publishing books. Wendee specializes in ESL publishing and has helped individuals (who collectively speak over 18 different languages) polish their copy for English markets.

Writing for has added a little levity and balance to her daily work, and hopes that the same contentment gained by writing these articles will also be felt by those who read her work. In the evening, you are sure to find her spending time with her family by the river, fishing by the campfire, and enjoying life.


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