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Nick Wright made one of his regular appearances on The Dan Patrick Show Friday morning. He revealed he was in the crowd on Wednesday night for the Marconi Prize, where Patrick won Network/Union Personality of the Year. Wright said he was shocked Patrick wasn’t at the New York ceremony and even more shocked by a text message he received.

“Dan sent me a weird text and said ‘you can do my speech if I win'” he told the audience.

Patrick won the award, but Wright admits he wasn’t ready to give the speech. He saw that DL Hughley was nominated for the same award and figured Patrick wasn’t really going to win. So when the winner was announced, Wright was unprepared.

“Dan, hand to God, I rushed on stage! And just before I got there, some dorky radio executive said to me ‘I’m here to accept on behalf of Dan Patrick’ and I said ‘That’s not what Dan would want! He would like me to go up there.

As a consolation prize, Patrick gave Wright the chance to deliver the speech the audience would have heard that night.

“Look, Dan would love to be here, but he couldn’t because of a prior family obligation,” Wright said. “He wanted me to tell you that he’s honored and touched by this and a little miffed that his radio bosses didn’t even tell him about the event or he could have shown up.”

Wright then revealed to Patrick and the public that someone had sent him the audio that Patrick’s bosses had submitted for review. It included two interview clips and a short commentary. The interviews featured Scottie Pippen and Russell Wilson breaking news from the show. The comment featured Dan Patrick referring to Nick Right as “Dick Wrong”

“I know you sent me a watch a few months ago,” Wright said. “I expect another package and I expect this package to be the Marconi!”


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