bengaluru rains: a social media outpouring on bengaluru rains

Tweeple doesn’t mince words. When an overnight downpour led to a deluge-like situation in the country’s IT hub, Twitterati didn’t hold back and fired on all cylinders. From sheer angst to quirky sarcasm or questioning the authorities, many Twitter users were at their creative best, some joking “Bengaluru is Venice now” while others lamented the erosion of green cover leading to new civic challenges.

“Who needs a wonderla, a water amusement park when all #bangalore can be a water park! Thank you for #bbmp, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to turn a city into a floating city!” a Twitter user who went by the name “[email protected]_Democracy” said in a tweet.

Another Twitter user, Anirban Sanyal, shared a photo of a waterlogged city airport and looked at the state of the infrastructure.

“State of play at #BengaluruAirport today. I feel like crying seeing the state of infrastructure in India. It’s beyond shame,” he said in a tweet.

[email protected] brought up the charge of 40% commission against the ruling BJP.

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“When contractors have to pay 40% of the project cost as a bribe to ministers and officers – that’s what you get,” the user said, while uploading a photo of wading vehicles on a flooded road.

IT industry veteran TV Mohan Das Pai uploaded a video titled ‘Please see in Bengaluru’, showing a man dressed as Lord Ganesh wading through almost knee-deep water even as traffic crawled in the background. A number of Twitter users responded to him, most complaining about the lack of infrastructure in the city.

While a Twitter user, Rajiva Bhushan Sahay blamed “massive deforestation” and the height of roads to rise “illegally” with “illegal” skyscrapers, another handle on the microblogging site, [email protected] felt that the only solution was to reclaim all lakes and eliminate encroachments.

There were also hilarious and sarcastic messages.

For example, a twitter handle by the name of Gautam (@gautyou) said tractors were back in swanky configurations like Sunny Brooks and suggested resident welfare associations invest in these vehicles as a fashion. alternative transport during the rains while @CitizenKamran, another twitter user, “thanked” Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai for bringing the city up to “European standards”. “Indiranagar started to look like Venice,” he sarcastically remarked.

Chetan Krishna @ckchetanck said, “Thanks to bbmp and @BJP4Karnataka, now every apartment in Bengaluru is a lake view apartment.

A number of users have complained about the lack of attention given to building proper infrastructure over the years for a city that hosts the world’s largest IT companies.

Other social media has also been inundated with Bengaluru flood videos and memes.

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