Best Free Blogging Platforms To Consider


Not all free blogging platforms are the same. Here are the best ones you should consider to get your online presence in the shortest amount of time.

Do you have a voice with something important to say? Thinking of starting a new business online and not sure where to start? Besides getting involved on social platforms, your best bet might be to blog. Here are the best free blogging platforms of the year. Find the one that’s right for you.

What is a blog?

A blog is sometimes referred to as a web blog. Although websites can contain a blog, they are not necessarily the same. Typically, blogs feature regular entries written in an informal style. They can include content that covers a specific topic or a range of topics. Blog posts can contain text alongside images and other types of media, including videos, music, and links. While early blogs were usually written by one person, this is no longer necessarily the case. Today blogs, still mostly informal, are run by organizations, businesses, universities, newspapers, media, etc.

Blogging no longer involves coding or other advanced training. Free blogging platforms especially make it easy to get your message out online.

Free blogging platforms are worth your time

There are many free options for blogging. Most solutions offer a range of services with some of the easiest free plans to get online. However, when selecting a free blogging platform, it is best to find a product that can grow with you over time. In many ways, that means choosing a solution that also offers paid plans.

Why? Because the free options usually come with restrictions like mandatory ads that appear on the site or posting limits that you might want to remove at some point. It is easier to do this when you stay with the same company.


Free Blogging Platforms - WIx Example

With Wix, you can create a free blog or website in just a few steps. Ideally suited for anyone new to blogging, Wix is ​​powered by a nice selection of free templates you can choose from to create a unique online experience. When you sign up for Wix for the first time, you receive all of its premium features for 14 days. At that point, you can choose from one of the paid plans or downgrade your site to a free plan.

Wix’s free plan comes with limited bandwidth and storage, and you’ll see pesky ads next to your posts. Fortunately, none of these restrictions will stop you from developing a great site.

For as little as $ 18 / month, you can switch your site to a custom domain, receive that domain free for one year, increase your storage space to 3 GB, and remove ads. Each premium plan also includes an SSL certificate, which allows you to start collecting sensitive data from visitors, including logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and more.


Perhaps Wix’s biggest competitor, Weebly, is another free blogging platform. Compared to the first one, it offers less features and models. However, blogs tend to be easier to set up and maintain. Plus, even free Weebly accounts come with an SSL certificate, which means it’s possible to set up an online retail site at no cost. The platform provides various tools including shopping cart, unlimited items, and inventory management.

Weebly’s three premium plans add a free custom domain, more storage, and site analytics. Prices start at $ 6 per month.

Free example of blogging platforms

Considered the most popular blogging platform on the planet, is open source and maintained by countless users who do a terrific job adding new features every year. Additionally, has plenty of templates to help you find your voice and offers the option to upgrade to a paid plan at any time. hasn’t always been the easiest blogging platform to use, especially for newbies. Some of the possible difficulties could be related to the immensity of the tools available, which can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, has streamlined the setup process in recent years. Today, you can build a site with very few clicks and then add features as you get familiar with the tools.

While you can maintain a free site, works best when you purchase at least one personal account, which costs just $ 4 / month. You can collect payments, remove ads, and get a free domain for this. Other features are added at each subscription level.


At Medium, anyone can share their stories and ideas for free on a content publishing platform. Perhaps more in tune with the online writing community than other solutions, Medium offers an intuitive editing tool that requires minimal formatting. A $ 5 / month subscription to Medium removes ads in posts, adds user access on any device, and helps promote great writing.


Now owned by the same organization that runs, Tumblr has been around for a long time and continues to have a small, active community behind it. With a Tumblr account, you can freely post text, images, quotes, links, threads, audio, and videos, which you are free to link to on Facebook and Twitter. As of this writing, Tumblr is completely free.


Originally started by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ghost offers open source tools for freelance journalists around the world. Ghost is free to reach clients large and small, although you will need to choose a paid membership to keep your site running for the long haul. Subscriptions start at $ 9 / month.

Ghost is relatively easy to use, but not as easily as some other platforms. However, after you jump over the learning curve, you are discussing a robust product backed by a growing community of bloggers.

A paid service to consider

Squarespace is not a free blogging platform. However, it would be best if you still watch it because of its incredible template library and ease of use. Best of all, you can use Squarespace freely for as long as you want to develop the perfect website, although it doesn’t officially go live until you pay.

As you can see, there are many free blogging platforms available. While many free solutions require an update to a paid plan to unlock its best features, all of them give you an outlet to create and publish high-quality content in just a few steps.


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