Best Sports Blogging Sites in India


Indian sports fans are some of the most passionate supporters in the world. Thousands of spectators flock to stadiums across the country or tune into their televisions to watch sporting events. The interest doesn’t stop there either, as the demand for the latest news and opinions regarding their favorite sports will bring interested parties to the internet for the best coverage.

Fans in India are known for their love of cricket. Stars are revered – none more so than the exceptional Virat Kohli, who is a household name across the country and to cricketers around the world. However, Indian fans are not the only ones with an interest in cricket as football has grown across the globe, while American sports have managed to enter the zeitgeist of discussions for sports bloggers. .

As we explained on, many countries around the world are becoming baseball havens. Karan Patel has become the first Indian player to be drafted into MLB by the Chicago White Sox, and it will surely spark increased interest in the game as he begins his career. As a result, readers have more reason than ever to visit their websites, where there are game breakdowns and in-depth articles on top teams around the world.

Discussions of top contenders for specific titles, such as the MLB World Series, tennis Grand Slams, and Premier League title, can provide vital information to readers. Then, armed with this material, Indian bettors can analyze the best betting sites in the market on sites like to place a bet on their favorite sports. Much like the major sports blogs on the web, there are plenty of choices for potential bettors, and it’s important to get your money’s worth before signing up; although Asiabet makes it as easy as possible by distinguishing the best bookmakers in the market.

However, you don’t want to go blind before making a bet, and the best Indian sports blogs contain a large amount of information due to their outstanding coverage of major events.

1. Cricblog

This website, as you might have guessed from the name, focuses on cricket. It provides all the information you need about the game and the major leagues around the world. The website has a particular focus on the Indian Premier League, the top domestic T20 cricket competition on the planet. Here readers can find news and opinion pieces about major international teams. It is more than useful and its layout is excellent for readability. It could improve in the future perhaps offering perspective on other sports, but it fits the requirements of their target demographic.

2. Pursue your sport

Chase Your Sport is aimed at all audiences and covers a wide range of sports, including baseball. One of their articles includes the story of famous Indian baseball star Rinku Singh, who won the Million Dollar Arm contest and moved to the United States.

There he trained at the University of Southern California and eventually earned a short contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Singh’s story has made Indian fans interested in baseball, especially MLB. Chase Your Sport also covers cricket in detail, as well as tennis, European football and motorsport. In terms of the diversity of its coverage, it certainly offers a lot of possibilities for its readers.

3. SportsBigNews

SportsBigNews focuses on major sports in India, although it has a strong cricket angle elsewhere in the world including the Pakistan Super League. The site also covers football and tennis; although there is no section for baseball yet.

Due to MLB’s commitment to bringing baseball to television in India on the Star Sports Network and Patel’s continued development with the White Sox, coverage of baseball is expected to increase on this site, as well as other . There is a small section on basketball, which proves that there is interest in American sports. However, it may take a breakthrough in MLB to capture the attention of sports blogging sites in India.

These are some of the most successful blogging sites in India – all showing their strengths and weaknesses. Cricket remains the top dog in the country for the sport, and this is reflected in the coverage of relevant sports blogs. However, European football has proven that a bridge can be built, even without the success of Indian players at the highest level. US sports and baseball may seek to heed this example in the future.


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