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Here we will show you how to block yourself from taking quick loans, sms loans and other credits and show you how to block your social security number with gaming companies and credit information companies. Let’s start by looking at how to prevent yourself from borrowing money.

Prevent yourself from borrowing

borrow money

Obtaining your social security number when exposed to identity theft is a matter of course, but there are actually other situations where it can be good to block your social security number:

  • If you are a shopaholic, then shopping addicts who borrow money to shop more. Then you can block your social security number directly with the banks and credit companies. It is also usually called a loan lock and that means you can not borrow more money from the banks and credit companies you contacted. This in itself can be extremely time consuming as there are lots of banks and credit companies out there, but further down this page you will find email addresses for lots of banks and credit companies that you can copy and paste directly into your email client and send a request for a loan lock to all companies at once.
  • If you are a gaming addict. Then you can either request a loan lock from the credit companies, and request a longer game break with all licensed gaming companies in Sweden (read more about it below.
  • If you want to prevent any identity theft. As you probably know, an identity theft can lead to people borrowing money in your name. If you have requested a loan lock from most banks and credit companies in Sweden, you minimize the risk of this happening.

How to fix a loan lock

How to fix a loan lock

If you want to block yourself from being able to borrow money from one or more credit companies in the future, do so.

  1. Contact the credit companies via email or by phone. Since it takes forever to call all credit card companies, we recommend that you request a loan lock by email.
  2. Enter your first and last name in your email. Also, write that you wish to have your social security number blocked with them so that you cannot borrow money from them in the future. This also means that no one else can take quick loans, sms loans and other credits in your name should you suffer an identity theft.
  3. Also, request confirmation that you are blocked before sending the email and tick off the lenders who return and say you are blocked.
  4. It is not entirely impossible that any credit company will contact you because they want you to prove your identity, but usually you do not.
  5. Now you should be blocked!

Contact all lenders at once!

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In order to avoid having to look up the email addresses of lots of lenders, we have collected the addresses of all our fast loan providers which you can find here at 48Money. Among the e-mail addresses you will also find some other banks and loan intermediaries.

How to use:

  1. Copy all addresses and paste them into your email client’s address bar.
  2. Look through the addresses and possibly remove the lenders you do not want to block.
  3. Write in the information we provided under the previous heading. Now, your loan lock request will be sent to all credit companies at once, saving you lots of time.
  4. Check that all lenders confirm your request.

Of course, not every credit company is included in the list because there are lots of small companies that are difficult to find and which almost no one borrows from, and new credit companies are constantly emerging. In addition, we do not include major banks, such as Swedbank and Nordea, and other large banks in the list. The reason for this is that many do not want to block themselves from such banks at all times. However, you can contact them anyway.

Request a game break at the gaming companies

Preventing yourself from borrowing money is not always enough to stop a gaming addiction, so we at 48Money will also show you how to block yourself from the gaming companies, including at the casinos you find online.

Today there is a very good service for this which is run by the Gaming Inspection, you can find it here. There you can request a game break for 1, 3 or 6 months. You can also block yourself until further notice, which means you cannot play for at least 1 year. Since January 1, 2019, all online gambling sites where there are games of money, such as casino games and betting, must have a license in Sweden. This means that a game break at the Games Inspectorate is quite comprehensive.

Block credit information

credit security

If you want to block your Social Security number because you have been hit by an identity theft, which could cause the fraudster to shop and take quick loans and other credits in your name, you must block your Social Security number with the credit reporting agencies.

In any case, these are the five largest credit reporting companies in Sweden that you can block. We enter the telephone numbers instead of the e-mail addresses, because if you have been hit by ID hijacking, you should contact the credit reporting companies immediately and then it is not good to send mail that someone may read after a few hours.


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