BNP in government: research alternative sources of vaccine


“Bangladesh will suffer financial loss by procuring the vaccine through a third party [Beximco] instead of buying it directly from the manufacturer ‘

Saying that the government’s myopia has created uncertainty over whether to collect a vaccine, BNP urged it on Wednesday to quickly find an alternative source.

“This government has no minimal accountability to people because it has been in power without their votes. Now there is uncertainty over whether to have a vaccine due to their [government’s] myopia and policy of plunder, ”said Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, member of the BNP standing committee.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “We strongly urge the government to clarify its position on the collection, pricing, storage and distribution system of vaccines as soon as possible to overcome the uncertainty. We also ask him to find a quick alternative source for collecting the vaccines. “

BNP’s six-member coronavirus vaccine committee, formed last week and headed by Mosharraf, held the press conference at the party chairman’s office in Gulshan.

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Mosharraf, a former health minister, said the government can come to an agreement with China, Russia and other potential vaccine makers to collect their vaccines.

He said Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech’s vaccines are not suitable for Bangladesh due to its storage problem. “Russia has already approved its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, while China has its Sinopharm vaccine and has started vaccinating its people. “

“We can look for alternative vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization and international bodies after their trials in different parts of the world… our country could have gotten the vaccine at a lower price if we could have negotiated with the producers of them. vaccines currently administered in different parts of the world. We urge the government to seek alternative sources because there are still opportunities, ”said the BNP leader.

He alleged that various statements made by ministers and authorities at Beximco regarding the collection of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine through the Serum Institute of India caused confusion among people. “When the Minister of Health said there was a G2G deal with India to have the vaccine, Beximco officials said it was a trade deal with the Serum Institute.”

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Mosharraf said Bangladesh would suffer financial losses by procuring the vaccine through a third party [Beximco] instead of buying it directly from the manufacturer. “The cost of each dose of vaccine will now be almost doubled. Even though millions of doses are imported, there is serious doubt that ordinary people will get it at all. “

He said the government could have procured the vaccine at almost half the price if it had bought it directly, and thus hundreds of taka crores could have been saved.

The BNP leader said the government did not make the deal directly just to help a quarter financially.

Mosharraf said Tuesday’s Ecnec meeting hastily approved a roughly Tk 6,000 crore plan to purchase the coronavirus vaccine, creating huge opportunities for corruption.

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