Burgess Owens criticizes Cori Bush’s “fundraising police” rhetoric: Liberal policies “bring misery” to cities


Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, slammed Democratic Rep. Cori Bush on “Fox & Friends” Monday after the House “Squad” member doubled over the weekend in calls to fund the services of police while using her own private security.

BURGES OWENS: When you look at your neighborhood, there is no traditional family, there is no business. … This is American culture, the American strain of Marxism. And so don’t expect anything other than what we see. Their creation is misery. You look at the urban communities they represent, they haven’t changed anything for decades. Don’t expect anything different now trying to change the image of our great country into the image of what they are putting in these urban communities. So that doesn’t make sense and we’re going to fight against that obviously.

Painful as it was, now we have conversations we never had and it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle we are on, once we personally feel the misery brought on by the far left, and that is when they take away everything our country stands for, and then we start having conversations together. And once that happens, it is the most powerful power in the world.



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