Celtic sites confirmed after all Hart-Ramsey comparisons.


It’s good when you get confirmation of what you’ve long suspected, and in Aaron Ramsey’s case, it was especially good for how and when it happened.

Great players are meant to do great things in great games.

They’re not supposed to cost you tens of millions of pounds on top of their already inflated fees and salaries.

Back when the euphoria surrounding this signing was still high, before the injuries and the realization – which came to some later than others – that the deal was going to be a flop (nobody knew it would be also a disaster haha) the question was asked who in recent Scottish football history was a bigger signing. Some of us answered it.

Because the answer, for us, seemed perfectly obvious to us; Joe Hart.

I had a debate with some people about it, and I couldn’t believe the nonsense that some of them said Hart was a faded legend and Ramsey was still in his prime.

Ramsey was heating a bench in Turin, while he was not heating the treatment table instead. He was part of a long line of former EPL players who thought Scottish football was a great little vacation; I was just glad it was at the expense of Ibrox.

Celtic don’t do that kind of expensive splurge anymore, with the ex-international on the ass bones brought in to add some ‘glamour’ to the squad. We have been there and seen and done it many times; Wright, Cole, Ljundberg, Graveson, Keane… EPL bling and nothing to show for it. Hart (and to a lesser extent McCarthy) were players who still had a lot to give.

McCarthy secured the confidence of a long-term deal. We’ll see what summer has in store for us.

Neither cost us what Ramsey cost Ibrox, and especially not when you factor in all the consequences of that missed penalty. Juventus will release him for free and Ibrox ran the other way.

In the meantime, Joe Hart continues his upward trajectory.

Next season he will be playing in the biggest club football competition in the world, and that is where I expect his rehabilitation to finally be complete, not that he has to worry about it in terms of Celtic fan-base, who already love the dude.

Hart was, and is, a bigger name than Ramsey; more caps and for a more credible nation, more honors and bigger honors and a whole bunch of ex-professionals who remember him in his prime and are thrilled that he’s a happy player again and that he continues at Celtic. The guy fits this club like a glove; he understands everything, and loves being part of it.

Celtic sites have been claimed on this one.

Hart turned out to be the better signing of the two, and I still think he’s by far the bigger name. The next time the media wants to rush an Ibrox signing, they better have at least one foot planted in the real world.


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