Celtic sites must be careful not to promote our enemies because we hold them accountable.


Sometimes I wonder what the role of fan media is. Is it to regurgitate the stuff the mainstream media publishes? For a lot of sites, across the wide range of all clubs, that’s pretty much what it does. I don’t understand what the value of this is, but a lot of people need to read this stuff and that’s why there are so many sites out there that do it.

For my part, I think it’s to offer a fan’s point of view and not only on his own club but on the game as a whole. This site is called The CelticBlog, but it has never been an exclusively Celtic site. It is written by Celtic fans and looks at football and football issues through that lens. Most of the production is focused on our own club…much of it is focused on tackling the distortions, lies and general incompetence of the sports media here.

There was a time when only a handful of sites took this part of the job seriously. Now almost all do, and that’s good. This means hacks get away with less than they ever had. If one of us misses something, someone else picks it up.

But I’ve long wondered – I’ve struggled with the idea – that what we’re actually doing in some cases is maybe helping to promote some of our enemies instead.

Now, let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about the mainstream press as a whole. I’m only talking about controversy here. The so-called “shock-jocks”. Those who are not interested in rational analysis or objective discussions, but only in deepening their own legends. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. Those who stir the soup just to do it.

These people want to be talked about. They want to be highlighted. And sometimes I think we do it a little too much.

One Scottish “journalist” in particular – the term flatters him – features prominently on this site and others, although not a word of objective, sensible analysis has left his lips for decades. I don’t think we “promote” him because really, what is there to promote except how colossally uninformed and stupid he is? That said, I think it gets a little too inky on this porn site at times.

Likewise, with the Village Idiot on Sky; if we had to write about every silly remark that comes out of his mouth, we’d be doing nothing else all day, every day. But there are times when he needs to be called out and they need to be ashamed of having used him.

There is a time to offer a critique of what these people are doing. When they attack our club unfairly, they are mostly fair game. When they get their facts wrong, they should jump on it. But more and more, I’ve come to think that there are times when it’s best to ignore them.

The main culprits are not even mentioned in this article. We all know who these people are and what they do.

We know the difference between a clown giving an opinion based on his own biases or lack of background knowledge and someone who just shakes the bars for attention, and we should stop giving those people the advertising oxygen.

They and their audience inhabit a toxic little bubble of ignorance and bile. There is no merit in what they do except as a perverse form of entertainment. It is not informative. Half the time, I’m not even convinced that they mean half of what they say; they say it because they know it will elicit a reaction and too often, on too many of our sites, this is the case.

What we do is important, I think. It’s too important to waste time and effort on people who are really irrelevant to the debates we have around Celtic. They lower their voice. They bow to the lowest common denominator, and that’s their audience, not ours. Celtic fans are too smart for this stuff, too sophisticated now, too far ahead of this game they’re playing.

We don’t have to swing at every target. Our public is informed enough to recognize these people for what they are, and in the eyes of our people, they are already irrelevant. We can drive that final nail into their collective coffin.


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