Celtic sites shouldn’t be making up Fantasy Football League numbers on Juranovic.


Yesterday I wrote about the latest nonsense about Juranovic.

Two things have happened since then.

The first is that a story that originated with clickbait has gone viral, for reasons I can never fully understand, and the second is that one of the foundation stones it was built on has already crumbled to dust with a genuine ‘in the know’ figure of Juranovic’s homeland already tearing down the Manchester Utd tie.

The only part now left to tear down is the Chelsea tie.

They are also busy doing it for us.

They are not going to buy Juranovic.

Let’s be honest about it now. Let’s put the cards on the table for once, all, by showing what we hold face up and telling the truth without any frills.

You are ready ? Here is. (And the thing most people know.)

Juranovic is not good enough to play for Manchester United, Chelsea or Atletico Madrid.

Here it is in black and white.

So far he hasn’t done anything that remotely justifies teams that didn’t have the slightest interest in him 12 months ago and are kicking him now for the kind of money that it would take to even move Celtic an inch.

This kind of offer will not happen.

No clubs like these.

And since clubs like them are the only ones who can spend so much money on a punt, Juranovic will not leave Celtic this campaign. Not just in this window, but this campaign.

Today, many Celtic sites speculate on what the magic number would be.

Why bother? What interests does it serve?

It continues a story that would otherwise go nowhere.

It gives the original story a credibility it just doesn’t deserve.

Celtic haven’t ‘named a price’ for the player.

Because no one actually asked us what it would cost.

Clubs might think they have the right idea.

The only question they need to ask themselves is “is it worth bidding?” And the answer to that, at the moment, for clubs like these is no. He wouldn’t make their teams significantly better than they are.

Don’t even get me started on the Calvin Bassey transfer fee; it’s ridiculous, and no top club in a top league would have paid for it.

Ajax are betting on Van Bronckhorst’s judgment which is a really dumb thing to do and they don’t represent a top five team. Teams at the top of those divisions can sign better than Bassey and better than Juranovic as well.

None of these super-clubs smell in Scotland.

For all the players this league has produced and had on its doorstep lately, only one – Kieran Tierney, an exceptional athlete and role model professional with a ton of experience at a young age – has gone straight from here to a mega-club.

He is the exception, and he is the exception because he was, to put it plainly, exceptional.

Be honest and ask yourself; when you look at Juranovic, are you looking at a player of the caliber of Chelsea or Manchester United? No, and we know we’re not and we’re not even professional scouts or analysts.

You don’t have to be that to know that.

So it’s a fantasy.

Making numbers that Celtic could accept in the unlikely event that an offer from one of these sides arrives is not only futile and silly, it feeds the rumor mill and the rumor mill is sometimes used to destabilize our players and that’s all. That happens here.

The mainstream media know that Juranovic is not considered for an EPL top six move, so what else are they doing here but stirring the soup?

And Celtic fans shouldn’t help them do that.


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