‘Charmed’ star Rupert Evans plays ‘Bridgerton’ patriarch Edmund


With the final casting announcement for the second season of Bridgerton, fans of the hit series will finally meet the namesake of the whole series. According to TVLine, Rupert Evans (Charm) is expected to play Edmund Bridgerton in the next season of the Netflix series.

While Bridgerton follows the lives of the eight Bridgerton children, the family matriarch, Violet Bridgerton (played by Ruth Gemmell, Overexcitement) guides and protects her children through the trials and tribulations they face during the social season. BridgertonThe second season of this season will likely show Violet and Edmund together in flashbacks, as the latter passed away during the current timeline. Going through TVLine, the series has not yet addressed the cause of the death of the patriarch, but in that of Julia Quinn (author, The viscount who loved me) novels on which the series is based, Edmund dies after being stung by a bee.

According to TVLine, Edmund was an “infinitely patient and kind father, who [took] a particular pride in guiding his eldest son, Anthony, through life ”. This link with Anthony Bridgerton (played by Johnathon Bailey, Broadchurch) explains Edmund’s planned appearance in season two, as the second season of Bridgerton is about to focus on Anthony’s love life as he sets out to find a spouse much like his sister Daphne (played by Phoebe Dynevor, Younger) did in the first season.

Evans’ casting announcement is the latest in a plethora of Bridgerton related news that includes additions to the cast for season two, a renewal at the start of the third and fourth seasons, as well as an announced spinoff series focused on Queen Charlotte, via TVLine. Season two is currently filming in England, and while there is no date set for the series to return to Netflix, fans will have plenty of Bridgerton happy to last them the next few years, if not more.



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