Chat gets multilingual smart replies and multimedia support


A few new updates are rolling out to Google Chat this week this will make the service more user-friendly for those using it on mobile or web. These new features were announced via the Google Workspace blog, but are not necessarily restricted to Workspace customers.

Currently, iOS users can select multiple images and videos and send them all at once in a Google Chat message. Fortunately, the same capacity is now also available for Android users, with Workspace Rapid Release domains getting it two days ago (September 15, 2022). The project of Scheduled release domains must begin rolling out September 30, 2022.

In addition, the Smart Reply feature in Chat, which suggests quick replies to messages based on your habits, gains the ability to respond in three new languages. These answers were initially offered only in English, but they will now be able to automatically detect the language in which you are writing. If this language is Spanish, French or Portuguese, the suggested automatic response will be offered in this same language.

This new feature will be enabled by default and is available now for all users on the web without admin control. Users can update their Smart Reply preferences in Google Chat or Gmail by clicking Settings and then navigating to “Smart Reply”.

None of the new features above will be tied to a specific level of Google Workspace and will also be available for personal Google accounts.. I really appreciate that useful features like these are made available to all Google users and not just those on a paid plan. Hopefully there’s more to come as more users become familiar with using Google Chat as a replacement for other messaging apps.


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