Come from Away will reopen at the Capitol Theater to be fully vaccinated


In a welcome ray of hope for Sydney’s devastated theatrical scene, the city’s first major production has announced its reopening next month.

Come from afar will resume performing at the Capitol Theater in Haymarket on October 20. Tickets are now on sale through November 28, with audience numbers capped at 75% under state government reopening plans.

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Come from afar producer Rodney Rigby looks forward to welcoming customers back to the Capitol.Credit:Janie Barrett

Spectators aged 16 or over will also need to provide proof of full vaccination before being allowed to take a seat.

Producer Rodney Rigby said he was delighted the lights came back on after the show closed on June 27.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome the audience once again to experience this extraordinary spectacle and our actors are eagerly awaiting their return to the stage,” he said.

Come from afar is one of the most offbeat musical theater hits of recent times, telling the story of the people of a small town in Newfoundland who suddenly had to welcome thousands of visitors after the attacks on the Twin Towers. He won the Tony and Olivier awards.


And while Come from afar is the first production to announce a concrete opening date, companies like the Sydney Theater Company and the Michael Cassel Group, producer of Hamilton at the Lyric Theater in Sydney, have confirmed that reopening announcements will be made shortly.

Earlier this month, Rigby announced Come from afar “Would lead by example” and become the first show in Australia to require all performers to be fully vaccinated before being allowed to return to work.

Rigby said the company is on track to be fully vaccinated by early October.

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