Dave Portnoy responds to Jason Whitlock: “You’re fat”


Blaze commentator Jason Whitlock slammed Dave Portnoy on Tuesday as a “fraud” with “no core value” after the Barstool founder attacked Tory comedian Alex Stein online.

Stein, a BlazeTV contributor, gained notoriety by mocking officials and sharing the video on social media.

Whitlock came to Stein’s defense after Portnoy posted a Twitter video Monday of Stein appearing at a Las Vegas City Council meeting. According to Whitlock, Barstool later deleted the post which elicited a response from Stein.

“It’s so cute that @barstoolsports is owned by Stool Presidente who is accused of the most heinous things, but they’re too scared to keep my content,” he said.

whitlock wrote that Portnoy “has no redeeming qualities other than his wealth. Take away his money, and he would have no friend in this world.

“If we weren’t living in a time that was completely hostile to masculinity, Portnoy would be broke in Boston delivering pizza,” Whitlock said. “The prohibition of masculinity is what made heroes and millionaires of men like Portnoy and Tate.”

Barstool is a popular blog and digital content site founded by Portnoy 19 years ago. Whitlock accused Portnoy of founding the company while “casting himself as a fearless disruptor who opposes the awakening of American sport and culture”.

“If ESPN weren’t hostile to masculinity, there would never have been a market for Portnoy’s brand of masculine sports talk,” Whitlock added.


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