‘Drink Water and Don’t be Racist’

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Apparently Republicans have never been invited to a fashion shoot or don’t understand how fashion shoots work or tried to create a mess where there was none as a bunch of assholes (just another word for Republicans) got their amish crafted panties all in a fucking bunch because Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) styled on em in $14,000 worth of designer clothing in the December issue of Vanity Fair.

Ocasio-Cortez looked stunning on the cover of the fashion magazine and you know Republicans hate when women of color do anything amazing. Of course Fox News aka Republican SpankBang started all this shit after they posted an article that gets no link backs in this publication claiming, “AOC appears in Vanity Fair in outfits worth $14,000 to curse Trump out,” which, is racist dog whistle for “look at this woman of color in nice clothes speaking the devil’s tongue to a white man!”

And just like racist catnip to a racist cat, the conservatives came running to bash the representative who stays booked and busy and unbothered.

When Ocasio-Cortez found a moment to respond to these idiots she tweeted: “Republicans are Very Mad (again) about my appearance. This time they’re mad that I look good in borrowed clothes (again)”

“Listen, if Republicans want pointers on looking your best, I’m happy to share. Tip #1: Drink water and don’t be racist,” she continued.


Ocasio-Cortez also retweeted a post from Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, who still doesn’t understand that when we call her Pumpkin Spice it’s because she’s basic and not because she could’ve been a member of the Spice Girls, that called out the Fox News article and of course got her followers into a chai tea foam.

“100 percent worth it, would do it again,” AOC wrote in a series of tweets. “(& I don’t know if you’ve been in a photoshoot Laura, but you don’t keep the clothes.)”

“The whole ‘she wore clothes in a magazine, let’s pretend they’re hers’ gimmick is the classic Republican strategy of ‘let’s willfully act stupid, and if the public doesn’t take our performative stupidity seriously then we’ll claim bias.’ GOP, get yourselves together. It’s sad,” she said.

This is not the first time Ocasio-Cortez has had to defend her clothing, the New York Post bashed her for wearing a pretty dress during an appearance on The View. AOC explained that she rents, borrows or thrifts her clothes.

And all of this is because Republicans don’t have anything better to do with their time except mind AOC’s wardrobe.


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