Employee Wellbeing Partner Plum Refreshes Its Brand Identity: Best Media Info


Employee health insurance and benefits organization Plum has refreshed its brand identity in a bid to strengthen the foundations of a brand that has endured for 100 years.

The start-up is focused on helping companies take better care of their employees by offering group health insurance and holistic wellness benefits that are accessible, inclusive and simple.

The rebranding includes a new visual identity including logos and colors, and a more user-friendly separation of Plum’s offerings – Plum Insure, Plum Health and Plum Wellbeing; the latter aims to help customers understand the holistic healthcare coverage provided by Plum in a more relevant way.

Plum is also launching a new digital media collective – Humanize by Plum. The new editorial property will introduce stimulating conversations about the world of work while keeping people at the center.

Abhishek Poddar, Co-Founder and CEO of Plum, said, “We are building a company that can stand the test of time and last for 100 years. Our brand is one of our biggest moats and as we begin to grow, our brand identity must reflect who we are today and who we aspire to be. We see this renewed identity as a necessary step in our journey and a springboard to various initiatives and innovations that we plan to launch.

“When we embarked on this project, we wanted to ensure that our renewed identity was based on three underlying principles: staying true to ourselves, infusing fun and undoing the status quo,” said Shreyas Achar, Senior Director of the marketing at Plum. He continued, “The industry we operate in is often associated with complexity and commonality. We have always sought to change this perception with our products and wanted our visual and verbal identity to do the same.

Sasha Abraham, Head of Brand Marketing at Plum, said, “As we aligned with our brand values, it was important to translate them into action. We are focused on creating a culture of care for employees everywhere and recognize that over time people are increasingly viewed as resources. We hope Humanise by Plum will help shine a light on the human behind the “resource” and bring topics such as “workplace well-being” and “mental health” to the fore.

Link to the Plum brand refresh blog: http://plumhq.com/brand-refresh

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