Every Look of Alyx Spring 2022


Using the seaside as a background, Alyx Creative Director Matthew Williams unveiled his latest Spring / Summer 2022 menswear collection. In this collection, Williams takes inspiration from comfort and simplicity by using silhouettes monochrome in mainly black, white and yellow tones with a few other colors scattered throughout the collection.

“There is a feeling of general comfort while being dressed – the feeling of a new beginning to come. We don’t really work with mood boards or references, but rather design the collections in the continuity of the previous one. It’s about perfecting and evolving clothing from season to season, ”said Williams.

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Alyx’s Spring 2022 men’s clothing consisted of many different fabrics, patterns and silhouettes. Oversized jackets and hoodies in shades of beige, yellow and black stole the show. Williams also created the collection’s women’s dresses using crochet, silk, and feathers.

Bikini tops, short dresses, and slacks were also explored for women, while men wore slides, leather jackets, slacks, and oversized clothing. The looks have been accessorized with fanny packs, small handbags, necklaces and sunglasses, all must-haves for spring and the seasons.

Nature took its course on the runway as models grazed the water’s edge and sand on the waterfront. Volcanic rocks and grassy trails were also used as backgrounds for the models contrasting with each. look.

Check out Matthew Williams’ latest Spring / Summer 2022 collection for Alyx below.


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