First Look – Punkt MP02 Phone. Need a social media detox and more?


There have been several mobile devices over the years that have allowed you to detox from all the commotion and your phone skipping all day with notifications but those are rare we have dumphones and phones versatile then smartphones that can give you everything you need for little money these days and you can say you can just turn off the notification or delete the apps but that’s too easy and let’s be honest at this topic, we can just turn it all back on.

The MP02 can be used as a second phone to get ‘digital downtime’ – everything else is left out for a while. Alternatively, many MP02 owners use it as their only phone and combine it with a mini tablet as needed, via the MP02’s hotspot. Having that bigger screen is a major upgrade over any smartphone, and a tablet doesn’t have the same “plague power”.

The MP02 offers an alternative to the old-fashioned, mass-produced handsets. It’s not just a pixel rig that’s as thin as it gets; it is a solid and comfortable piece of equipment, easy to grip, pleasant to hold and will never bend. Its sleek elegance is paired with premium materials, producing a phone that is a tangible reminder of why the physical world is the world that matters before it’s even turned on.

Check out this new phone and stay tuned for a full review soon…

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