Fix Windows Media Center issues on Windows 11 2022


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Check “Windows Media Center problems on Windows 11” fix

Windows Media Center is a comprehensive media organization tool created and designed by Microsoft. However, lately hardly any Windows 11 users have reported any issues while using this device. Assuming that these types of useful gadgets are causing trouble, this could very well be a major problem for users who are constantly working on a PC. As some users have reported, their Media Center tool crashes and throws errors sometimes. A similar aggravating problem can have many causes including corrupted services, outdated drivers and a few others. If you really dislike your Windows 11 Media Center, you can follow this article till the end to get all the effective solutions. we should see

How to Fix Media Center Error in Windows 11

  • Close media library
  • Load Task Scheduler (in Windows 7, click Start, Run, type taskchd.msc and press Enter.
  • In Windows 8, right-click on the lower right corner of Windows and select Run, type taskchd.msc and press Enter)
  • In Task Manager, expand Task Scheduler Library.
  • Expand Microsoft Tree
  • Expand the Windows tree and click Media Center. You should see a list of tasks in the right pane.
  • Right click on MediaCenterRecoveryTask and select Run.
  • Status will change to Running, close Task Manager
  • Load Windows Media Center and Media Center will display a message asking you to run the installation again
  • You will now need to reconfigure your tuners and other Media Center settings, but this should resolve your disk space issue.

Final Words: Fixed “Windows Media Center issues on Windows 11”

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