Florida player with special needs scores points and dances heartily


There are few things that warm the heart more effectively than a student-athlete with special needs having a chance at a varsity game. On Monday, the student who got the chance brought an extra dose of personality that made it even more fun.

See the glory that is Emmanuel Oglesby. A member of the basketball program at Ida Baker High School (Cape Coral, Fla.), Oglesby was inserted at the end of Baker’s fourth quarter of the season in the 72-38 loss to Fort Myers (Fla).

And when Oglesby walked in he entered. The junior is listed as a goalie, but he’s best known as Baker’s cutest teammate, a beloved peer who saw the action in just six games in 2017 and made the most of every minute.

He didn’t waste his opportunity on Monday, dancing and pointing at his coach after entering, scoring a basket amid cheers from teammates and opponents, as Fort Myers players also became amplified for Oglesby.

Once the ball passed, Oglesby made the most of his moment, flexing and celebrating with special handshakes with his teammates.

Oglesby’s basket didn’t win the game, but he stole the thunder, as he absolutely deserved. And as the holiday season picks up, it’s nice to have an event like the season opener that puts into perspective the times that really matter.

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