Google’s AI helped identify 6 times more spam sites last year


Google is getting better at spotting spam, according to Google.

The search giant announced this week that it captured 200 times more spam sites in 2021 than when it started searching nearly two decades ago. And he has SpamBrain to thank.

Launched in 2018, the AI ​​platform was designed to continuously evolve and address all types of abuse, starting with spam. In 2021, SpamBrain “identified nearly six times more spam sites” than the previous year, helping to reduce hacked spam and gibberish on hosting platforms by up to 75%.

Hacked spam involves cybercriminals infecting a website with spyware or malware in order to steal login credentials or direct people to malicious pages. Gibberish hacks, on the other hand, flood sites with nonsense phrases full of keywords, aimed at boosting their online rankings.

“With an increasing volume of sophisticated spam generated every day, SpamBrain’s ability to identify disruptive and malicious behavior among billions of web pages has allowed us to keep more than 99% of searches spam-free,” said Cody Kowk, P.Eng. main of Google. blog announcement.

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Beyond fighting traditional web spam, the company last year rolled out a link spam update to identify unnatural URLs, updated its algorithms to stop scams, and expanded SpamBrain to tackle online harassment.

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