“Government united on Covid measures despite media reports”


Health Secretary Lo Chung-mau stressed on Sunday that the government was united in its fight against Covid-19 as he criticized the media for giving people the false impression that the administration was divided over its anti-epidemic measures.

In a blog post on Sunday, Lo slammed an article citing unnamed sources saying that chief executive John Lee wanted to scrap existing hotel quarantine arrangements for incoming travelers in November, despite objections from some officials, including Lo himself. same.

The health chief did not name the agency, saying only that the article was published by a foreign media outlet. Bloomberg had published a story on Thursday about the alleged rift within the Lee administration over quarantine measures.

Lo noted that the article claimed to have “inside information”, but only cited “the people” and “the person” as sources.

“The veracity of the inside information appears to be irrelevant. Local media subsequently widely copied the report as if it were real,” he wrote.

He said such reports had misled the public into believing that there were internal disagreements within the administration.

“The prize is not only the professionalism of the media industry, it could even affect the SAR government’s anti-epidemic measures,” he wrote.

Lo said the administration has always had a common goal in the fight against the pandemic — minimizing deaths and serious cases while protecting the vulnerable and the entire medical system — taking targeted measures to control the spread. of Covid-19 while allowing normal activities to resume as much as possible.

Executive Councilor Ko Wing-man also told reporters that the city was unable to drop quarantine measures for incoming travelers or those infected at this time, as the current wave of Covid has not yet reached its peak.

“We don’t see there being a definitive conclusion for the wave to peak in this month,” Ko told reporters.

“Of course everyone wishes it was possible, but it is still necessary to analyze the data and see the trend in the next one or two weeks before we can say clearly if the wave will peak during this months,” he added. .

Ko said people shouldn’t let their guard down and treat the virus like a regular flu, warning the community will pay a heavy price.

The former health minister also told a radio show that authorities were looking at ways to make the vaccine more user-friendly for children who don’t have smartphones.

The government has said it is set to extend the scheme to people as young as five – banning them from entering specific places such as restaurants unless they can prove that they have been vaccinated.

Ko said children without phones can submit paper records and authorities are always open to alternatives.

“If we say that there are many children who do not have their own mobile phone and therefore the electronic pass is not possible, then they can have a paper pass”, did he declare.

“And if we think the paper pass is too clunky, we can think of a more convenient version of the paper pass.”

“But we all need to realize that the ultimate goal of the vaccine pass is to protect our children,” he said.


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