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Mr. Editor:

In Shirley Chase’s letter to the editor in the October 14 edition of The Ellsworth American [“State of the union], she writes, “When Barack Obama, the first black president, was elected in 2008, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said the Republicans’ main effort was to make sure that Obama serves only one term as president. But Obama won and was wisely re-elected. This transparent statement from McConnell revealed a clear racist point of view and resulted in the current stagnation in the House and Senate, with bodies no longer working together to create the necessary legislation. “

One of the most disgusting strategies in politics today is to play the race card. How Shirley Chase could take Senator McConnell’s efforts to prevent Barack Obama from getting a second term and somehow interpret it as a “clear racist point of view” is beyond me. With that kind of convoluted logic, if Nancy Pelosi campaigns against the re-election of Black Senator Tim Scott, does that mean she has a “clear racist point of view”? Both, of course, are utter nonsense. How can distorting facts like this lead to any constructive dialogue?

No wonder the country is so divided. To be called a racist, without any proof, is a despicable thing to do. I’m sorry, but people are so tired of this political divisive tactic (and that’s it). There is no longer an honest debate or civil exchange of ideas. Whenever there is opposition, the predictable claims of being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. come out. How can this toxic rhetoric ever bring people together?

Michael briggs

Blue Hill


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