How Ecommerce Sites Can Optimize for Google’s 2022 Product Reviews Update


Google recently rolled out a broad basic update on writing product reviews. It explains how e-commerce professionals can help differentiate their pages from the competition.

As many feared, the update may cause fluctuations in web traffic. However, if you adapt accordingly, not only will your traffic stabilize, but you will also outperform sites that ignore the new guidelines. Google might even penalize their pages, giving you a higher SERP ranking.

But if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new product reviews update, don’t worry. We’ll flesh out the guidelines in this article.

What is Product Rating Update?

The 9/20 Product Reviews Update is Google’s eighth general update in 2022. Since it has already rolled out three updates on how to write helpful content and product reviews, you might meet similar guidelines. Still, we think the update is worth considering, especially if you have an e-commerce career.

Based on the guidelines, it appears that Google has rolled out 9/20 Product Review to filter out low quality reviews and spammy foreign store ads. After all, many e-commerce startups dropship products these days. They create several shops with hundreds of random products, which they have never owned, tested or even seen. Unfortunately, this trend is hurting the online shopping industry.

After the update is fully rolled out, Google’s crawlers are expected to penalize stores that share spammy links, copy-and-paste product reviews and recycle ads.

How will the update affect you?

The 9/20 update affects e-commerce professionals, such as:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers often write multiple product reviews simultaneously. For example, they sign up for a brand’s affiliate program, do a few minutes of research, and then write their product review.

Unfortunately, this tactic will no longer yield results. Even if you write engaging articles, Google may not rank your posts if they contain generic information that already exists elsewhere.

Recommendation: Strive to provide unique feedback and ideas.

Freelance Product Review Bloggers

Only write about products and services that you have tried yourself. You need first-hand information to provide useful information and position your blog as a trusted authority figure. Google’s crawl bots can easily spot redundant information. Think about it: if independent bloggers refer to the same resources, they will eventually end up with reviews of similar products.

In addition, generic advice does not attract visitors. If readers have already seen your ideas on other blogs or videos, they will have no reason to end your blogs.

Recommendation: Only write about products and services that you have tried yourself.

Social Media Influencers

Don’t just talk about brands. Instead, post unfiltered, legitimate images of you trying out the product or service you endorse. Google rewards vloggers who provide original visual reviews.

Let’s say you approve of a beauty cream. Your video might rank higher if you include footage of it being used, as well as before and after footage.

Recommendation: Show, don’t just tell.

Do not hesitate to refuse an offer of collaboration. Only vlog about products you can trust and would use yourself.

Writers and media editors

Suppose your medium accepts recommendations, ask for trial products for your writers and editors. Otherwise, they won’t be able to write original, high-quality content. Of course, you can always return trial products afterwards if your publication has strict restrictions against accepting gifts.

Google will also rank your website if you include high DR backlinks to verified resources and authorized product resellers. Just make sure the customer is okay with you referring to their partner sellers.

Recommendation: Use trial products for original research.

How to adapt to Broad Core updates

Don’t worry too much about general kernel updates. As you already know, Google regularly rolls out changes, so it’s not uncommon for some updates to hurt your web traffic. Remember: Google is constantly developing ways to provide better search results.

The best you can do is familiarize yourself with the important changes. While you don’t have to flesh out every new guideline, at least study their effects on SEO and SERP ranking.

Also, leave room in your digital marketing plan for adjustments. Given the frequency of recent general kernel updates, you cannot guarantee how long your tactics will produce results.

Revamp your SEO strategy for product reviews

Overall, the 9/20 update focuses on eliminating unwanted product reviews. As such, strive to produce original content with unique, first-hand information instead of multiple reviews based on third-party information.

For best results, also adopt Google’s SEO updates. High-quality SEO-focused items will consistently rank higher in the SERPs, no matter what core updates Google runs.


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