How Social Platforms Can Help You Grow Your Ecommerce Business


– By Nitin Goel

Today’s world is going digital. Technology and digitization are consolidating their place in almost all areas. After the pandemic, technology took a prominent place in all fields and industries and was probably the only thing that kept the world going when it all came to a standstill. All types of businesses are now settling on digital platforms and doing everything possible to make their digital presence more visible. Among the many ways available today to make your e-commerce business more visible and grow, some are blogging and being active on social media platforms.

There is hardly anyone who does not use social media. People of all age groups are very active on social media these days. Social media has become one of the best ways to grab people’s attention, promote your product, and gain customer trust. Let’s see how social media and blogging can boost your e-commerce business in the most effective way.

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Get to know your customers better

With the help of blogs and social media, brands can stay connected with their customers so that they can manufacture and develop products according to their needs and requirements to provide a good customer experience. It is said that customers are the king of the market. It is therefore important to understand what they want and expect from a product so that brands can modify or build products that meet customer requirements in the most effective way. For example, using various features like poll, ask me a question, etc., brands get responses from their customers that help them understand their preferences.

Personalize the customer experience

Today is the era of personalization. Customers feel valued and appreciated when brands offer them personalized products and services. It is said that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. According to a study, 84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is essential if brands are to win their hearts. The traffic generated to the website through the interactive content in the blog section helps create a personalized experience.

Win customers

There are many people who are impressed with how brands present their product on social media and even buy the products. The way a product’s features are marketed on social media creates a very big impact on people. Sponsored ads on Instagram are the best example to understand this point. People scroll through their social media at least once an hour and most people come across at least 2-3 sponsored posts during that time. If people repeatedly see a sponsored post, they are likely to browse product features and even buy it.

Loyalty of the clientele

By sending promotional emails, Instagram DMs to your customers, you can stay connected with them and build loyalty. By sending personalized messages, you can let them know about your new product line, new offers, discounts, and more. This keeps them constantly in touch with you and contributes significantly to their loyalty.

Building trust

Blogs and social media also help to gain customer trust. Influencer marketing, for example, is a very popular marketing method used by many brands to gain customers. People see influencers using and reviewing products, which makes them confident about the quality and effectiveness of the product and leads them to buy the product.

Social media has a huge role to play in product marketing. According to one study, 46% of consumers watch more ads on social media than on TV. 57% of millennial consumers watch more ads on social media than on TV. These statistics clearly indicate that people are more active on social media and spend less time watching TV. Therefore, for e-commerce businesses, investing in social media and blogging is absolutely worthwhile.

(Nitin Goel is the co-founder of Sadar24)


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