How to delete leaked MMS, videos and photos from social media or website? Know the steps here


Delhi, September 19: Controversy erupted after an inappropriate video of Chandigarh University female students was allegedly leaked by a classmate. After the situation came to light, chaos began on campus as students flooded it with demands for justice.

If an objectionable MMS or videos are leaked on social media, they are soon uploaded on many websites as well. In such a situation, the chances of the video going viral increase dramatically. But, if you follow these few steps then you can delete those uploaded videos and photos from porn sites or social media websites. Nude bathing videos of Chandigarh University female hoteliers go viral, students stage mass protest; Accused woman arrested

How do I remove objectionable MMS/videos from the Internet?

The first way is to file a complaint at the nearest police station. If you complain about the corresponding video or photo at the police station, the police will notify the owner of the relevant social media platform. If your complaint is found to be correct, the necessary measures will also be taken. Chandigarh University MMS Leak Row: Video of girl, who allegedly recorded nudes of around 60 students, being questioned by principal goes viral

Another way is to contact the owner of the social media platform itself. You can complain directly to the owner of the social media platform in this regard. If you are unable to contact the owner of the respective platform, you can also seek help from a website After entering the domain name of any site, in most cases you can get complete information about the owner. After that, you can contact the site owner and ask to remove the video.

If a video is uploaded to a porn site, the report option is listed below the video. In the Report column, you can write the reasons for the deletion of the video. This allows the site owner to delete the video.

How to remove offensive content from Google search results?

If an objectionable photo or video shows up in Google search results, you can also remove it. For this you must contact Google here.

If someone uses your photo or video on a blog without your consent and you want it removed, Click here to have it removed.

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