How to Install Media Lounge APK on Firestick/Android TV 2022


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Check How to Install Media Lounge APK on Firestick/Android TV

Media Lounge is a great app to watch not only online TV shows and movies, but also live IPTV channels. The content database of this app is huge containing movies and TV shows in HD quality. Live TV section has hundreds of live channels in USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, France, etc. The Media Lounge also has a dedicated section for sports fans and also includes adult content. You have to move laterally. Downloader is one of the most popular Firestick SideLoading tools. Fortunately, the Downloader app can be installed from the Amazon App Store. Media Lounge, formerly known as Live Lounge, is an all-in-one that lets you watch streaming movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports.

The application obtains this file for transmission and ensures that the links are of high quality to avoid buffering or lag during transmission. Next, instructions on how to install the APK on your Firestick Media Lounge Fire TV or device are included. The Media Lounge was created by Inside 4ndroid and maintained constantly (follow him on Twitter for updates). This replaces Live Lounge and Exousia.

How to Install Media Lounge on Firestick

Follow all the steps below to get Media Lounge APK on FireStick/Fire TV:

Install the download app

Fortunately, the Downloader app can be installed from the Amazon App Store. Here are the steps:

  • On the FireStick home screen, click Search on the menu bar.
  • Click the Search button
  • Use the on-screen keyboard and type the word Downloader. Go to search suggestions and click on Downloader (as shown in the image)
  • Click on the Downloader app in the Apps & Games section.
  • Click Get or Download. (For first time Downloader installers see the Get button)
  • Once the Downloader app is installed on the Fire Stick, you will notice the Open button

Enable Install unknown apps

To install Media Lounge or any other third-party apps, you need to enable installation of unknown apps. Find the steps below:

  • Return to the FireStick home screen and click the gear icon in the middle menu bar
  • From the next set of options choose Mi Fuego TV
  • Now click on Developer Options
  • Select Install unknown apps
  • Now enable the option for Downloader by clicking once

Install Media Lounge on FireStick

Your Fire Stick is now ready to install third-party apps. Follow the steps below to install Media Lounge on Firestick:

  • Press and hold the home button on the Amazon Firestick remote for 5 seconds. Then click on Applications
  • Launch the Downloader app from the app list
  • Grant the required permissions to the Downloader app by clicking Allow
  • Close the Quick Start window by clicking OK
  • Click where it says Enter a URL or search term.
  • Enter the following URL to download the Media Lounge APK:
    • Click Go
  • Once the web page loads, click Download
  • Then click on APKAdmin
  • Click Upload File
  • The downloader will connect to the server and start downloading the APK file now.
  • When the APK is downloaded, click INSTALL
  • The installation process should take no more than a few seconds.
  • When the app is installed, click Done. You will learn how to open the app in just one second.
  • Click Delete to get rid of the APK file, which is no longer needed.
  • Click Delete to confirm.

Final Words: How to Install Media Lounge APK on Firestick/Android TV

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