If Twitter Shuts Down: 5 Platforms You Can Move To


#RIPTwitter was the talk of the town on Friday, with nearly 600,000 avid users finding where they could express themselves.

In the event of the Bird app closing, here are five platforms you can move to:

1. Tumblr

It’s not 2010 anymore, but it seems like everyone is going back to Tumblr. Hallelujah, it’s time for reblogging!

One of the popular blogging platforms with its pretty pictures, raw words, and relatable community, it gives users the freedom to post and create multimedia content.

Join Tumblr here.

2. Getr

One app that does the trick is Gettr. Similar to Twitter, users can post updates, photos, and videos, with a quote-retweet feature also quite doable.

One major difference though: you can write messages up to 700 characters on Getter, more than double Twitter’s 280.

Sign up for Gettr here.

3. Discord

Discord is a popular instant messaging app where users can make voice calls, video calls, messages, and send media and files.

On the app, communities are called “servers”, where you can add your friends and meet new people who share the same interests as you.

Just a warning: Discord is totally Gen Z territory, which is coded for: It’s hard to understand!

Download Discord and create an account here.

4. Juggernaut

Mastodon is another close alternative to Twitter.

Think of it as a cross between Twitter and Discord, where you can share your microblogging-style thoughts across a broad platform and join “servers” to interact with other users.

Sign up for Mastodon here.

5. Telegram

Telegram is another option considered by users, not because of its instant messaging features, but because of its channels feature.

Telegram is almost like Viber but much cooler. Yes, you can message one-on-one, but it also has channels that allow you and a team of admins, if needed, to message an unlimited number of subscribers, almost as if you were streaming them! These followers cannot send their own messages and can only see what you share.

Download Telegram here.

#RIPTwitter comes after the platform’s new owner, Elon Musk, urged employees to accept “long, high-intensity hours” or leave the company.

A number of staff have already chosen to leave. – LA, GMA Integrated News


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