Kangana Ranaut calls Twitter the best social media platform says it’s intellectually ideologically driven


Kangana Ranaut recently called Twitter “the best social media platform” and said it was “intellectually and ideologically driven”.

Kangana Ranaut calls Twitter ‘the best social media platform,’ says ‘it’s intellectually and ideologically driven’

Kangana Ranaut praises Twitter: Kangana Ranaut recently praised the micro-blogging site Twitter as “the best social media platform”. The actor whose Twitter account was suspended due to company guidelines regarding his political views also gave his thoughts on the new vetting process. The Emergency the director-actress posted her opinions on the exit of Jack Dorsey and Parag Aggarwal on her Instagram stories. Known for her fiery and unfiltered opinions, the actress always gets into controversy due to her limitless personality. Kangana had also been in legal trouble due to his statements about some Bollywood celebrities and politicians.



The actor was inspired by his Instagram stories and wrote, “Twitter is the best social media platform out there right now, it’s intellectually/ideologically driven, not about looks or lifestyle, i could never understand the idea of ​​verification that some selected ones get, like if the others have no genuine existence, for example, i will be verified but if my dad wants a blue tick, then 3-4 clowns will reject his identity even as if he were living an illegal life… Everyone who has an Aadhar card must be varied as simple as that (continued).” She further added, “Also, paying a certain amount to maintain a Twitter account will only help build integrity, there are no free lunches in this world, have you ever thought of all of them? these platforms that you access freely, how do they maintain themselves? They don’t just sell data, they make you a part of them, influence you and then sell you (your voice/consciousness) every minute of the day, and that’s why there is no free will on such platforms, so it’s not a bad idea to try to build a self-contained SM (social media) platform… It’s easy to arm a bankrupt company even if it intends to owning a system of great value sooner or later it will have a price…”

Kangana will next be seen in the biopic of the late Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister Emergency. She will also play an Indian Air Force pilot in Tejas.

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Publication date: Nov 6, 2022 11:59 a.m. IST


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