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Over the past two years, dating service owners have realized that without adding new features, they simply can’t meet the needs of their audience. Frankly, everyone is tired of swipes, odd pair picking algorithms, all kinds of personality tests and the rest. Users just want to communicate with interesting people and make promising new acquaintances!

It’s no surprise that recently many dating sites and apps have started focusing on video communication – adding online video chats and video streams to give their audience a whole new communication experience. It must be said that it produced excellent results.

Video chat and live streaming – not the same thing

Video chat functionality in an online dating app is nothing new. During the pandemic, when the demand for video dating increased, video chat features were added to their apps by almost all popular dating platforms: Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, Match, Liveli, Luvr, Clover and others .

However, face-to-face video dating is just one of the options available on video dating sites and apps. Let’s take a look at some unusual ideas implemented on popular platforms:

  • Hinge — 30 second videos in your profile. Instead of a static photo, you can upload a short video, explaining yourself, showing your life, hobbies and interests. Almost total freedom to do whatever you want. Very informative and unusual!
  • Tinder – 2 Second Tinder Loop Videos. Something similar has been on Instagram for a long time (Boomerang). A short section of the video loops, creating an interesting animation effect. You can add signatures and define exactly what you want to show in this post. Interestingly, users who added a Tinder loop to their profiles saw a 20% increase in call duration (according to TechCrunch).
  • Match — stories. In many ways, the feature resembles the classic Instagram stories format, but with a focus on dating. Users can download “A Match Story” with video and photo. The duration of such a story does not exceed 60 seconds, but there can be several.

All of these features are designed not only to diversify communication on dating sites and apps, but also to help users find the perfect candidate for a relationship. Considering the rapid development of internet technology, we are sure to see many other interesting innovations related to video.

But back to our main point: what is the difference between online video chat and live streaming? In fact, the difference is very significant. In video chat, you communicate face-to-face with one person, while video streaming means any number of viewers can tune in to your broadcast.

Why has live streaming become popular on internet dating platforms?

So what’s the point of adding a video streaming function to dating apps, if there are already enough specialized services? Here are some of the popular video streaming sites: Twitch, Smashcast, Mixer, YouTube, Bigo Live, Afreeca and others.

At first glance, there is no particular need for live streaming for online dating platforms. But if we look closely, we can see that the function is actually necessary and useful.

The fact is that video streaming in the classic sense is not designed for dating, but for completely different needs:

  • broadcast of video game gameplay demonstrations
  • collecting donations from viewers
  • self-promotion and others

Have you heard a lot of stories about how a couple met on Twitch and it was the start of a strong romantic relationship? Of course, such cases exist, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Live streaming in dating apps and sites is specifically aimed at finding a potential match. Or at least for the communication between the viewers and the host of the stream. These streams are more personal, creative, and even moving in a sense. And the prospects they open up are simply enormous. Imagine having your feed available to an audience of millions on a dating app. The chances of finding someone you’re interested in this way are much higher than endlessly swiping left and right over photos of strangers in the hope of a successful encounter.

Yes, so far live streaming in dating apps and sites is not so common. And although most popular platforms haven’t joined the new trend, we suggest you pay attention to another online dating format: online video chats.

Online video chat: an alternative to dating apps and live streaming

We’d like to start with the less popular online video chat site Bazoocam. It’s basically a regular video chat, but with support for video streams. You can start your own stream and other users, if they wish, will connect to it as viewers. But here it is important to understand that moderation in Bazoocam is very controversial. Therefore, most of the feeds on the site are very self-explanatory. So for promising friendships, this Bazoocam format is not suitable.

A different story can be seen with alternative video chats such as Omegle, OmeTV, VideochatOmegle, Monkey, Chathub and others. While they don’t offer live streaming features in the classic sense, they’re still great for online dating. Plus, many of them offer truly unique opportunities. For example, OmeTV has a built-in message translator, has a unique gender filter and Chatrandom has themed chat rooms based on interests. Everyone can find exactly the platform that suits them best.

Over the past few years (including due to the pandemic), many popular bloggers have explored video chats and recorded content for their videos here. For example, YouTube star Emma Chamberlain hosted her birthday party on Omegle, and popular Tiktoker Michael Le, with 35 million subscribers, often appears in a video chat where he records random user reactions to the meeting an idol on the web. These are just a few examples among hundreds and thousands! Bloggers and Tiktokers are only fueling the interest in video chats even more. This means that their popularity will continue to grow.

Which video format is right for you?

Now let’s weigh all the pros and cons to decide how important live streaming is for today’s dating sites and apps.


  • The opportunity to talk about yourself in front of a large audience
  • Unusual communication format
  • Great possibilities for creativity


  • Varying prospects for dating
  • Too many competing services
  • Inactive audience who still prefer traditional dating services

Our understanding is that if you are interested in the format of video communication and video dating, it is better to use online video chat rather than video streaming services. At the moment, the live streaming format is still not suitable for finding a potential match. Maybe that will change in the future, but so far that’s the picture.

We wish you interesting and promising encounters. Use different platforms and never give up, even if your searches don’t give you the expected results. Everything is still in front of you!


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