Manga publishers Shueisha and Viz Media go all out against piracy sites


Manga is all the rage these days. Much of this has to do with the ease of availability of the particular form of comics around the world, which was traditionally limited to Japan until a few years ago. However, with increased availability, manga publishers have to deal with something else. It is privacy and its scope has already reached alarming proportions, enough that some publishers are looking for legal options to limit the same.

As TorrentFreak reported, manga publishers Shueisha and Viz Media have filed a petition in a California district court seeking an order that would allow them access to “documents and statements for use in foreign legal proceedings”. According to the app, the two publishers singled out Manganelo and Manganato services which they claim have been rampantly distributing pirated manga content.

While Manganelo attracts around 24 million visitors to its site each month, Manganato has taken things to a whole new level given the approximately 180 million visits the site received just in March 2022. That’s an incredible number given that it far exceeds what The Pirate Bay and Fmovies stand for together. For both sites, traffic from the United States makes up the bulk with the rest coming from other countries such as the Philippines, Canada, etc.

No wonder publishers Shueisha and Viz Media have singled them out in their crusade against manga piracy and are currently in the process of assimilating the information they need to bring both to the book. Several lawyers are handling the case, including one from Japan and one from Vietnam. However, it is unclear whether they will take civil or criminal action against the two sites, although it is known that neither process is mutually exclusive.


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