McCall’s James Forrest comments sum up our media’s reliance on the opinions of idiots.


Thistle’s Ian McCall found himself in the papers today with a pretty ridiculous comment about how James Forrest’s brother Alan, who currently plays for Livingston, is better football than his famous name, which is two goals of 100 for our club.

This is a despicable point of view, and one that we shouldn’t even need to debate.

If Alan Forrest was a better player than his brother, we wouldn’t be talking about his departure for Hearts.

This is such an obvious fact that it needs no elaboration, but apparently it is too difficult for McCall to understand, and too difficult for his “colleagues” at Radio Scotland to discuss.

James Forrest has over 400 appearances for Celtic.

He regularly played for Scotland. His brother is a fairly decent footballer for his level, but his level is far below what James has been playing for ten years or more.

Alan Forrest is 25 years old. At that age, the famous name played a part in Brendan Rodgers’ Invincible Celtic team.

McCall’s comments are insulting to a player who has 38 caps for Scotland and has just signed a new contract under which he is almost certain to be a club footballer, and it’s not because he is in a ‘comfort zone’ but because he loves Celtic.

McCall has a 39% win rate as a lower league manager.

As it is true that Alan Forrest would play at a higher level if he was as good as James, it is also quite clear that if Ian McCall could spot a player he would coach at a higher level.

But this is BBC Scotland, folks; jobs for the boys and gigs for their buddies.

McCall himself freely admits that his “bosses” at the broadcaster are actually his cronies, and when your hiring practices are as shady as that, you get the “opinions” you deserve.

No wonder many of us are no longer willing to pay license fees.


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