Media Advisory – Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 7


HARRISBURG – The Senate Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy will meet on Wednesday, September 7 at 9:30 a.m. consider sending a letter of disapproval to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission regarding a pending regulation on manganese levels in streams.

“This onerous rule goes beyond any known standard for handling manganese, a naturally occurring substance that even the federal government does not consider toxic,” said Chairman Gene Yaw (R-23). “Coupled with the absurdly low limit the state wants to set, this rule only serves to punish mining operations and industrial sites, while giving itself and environmental groups a free pass.

The Environmental Quality Board voted 16 to 3 last month in favor of a regulation that would limit the amount of manganese released into streams and waterways to 0.3 mg/L, well below any existing limit imposed mining, coal and industrial operators. Even the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) itself is nowhere near meeting this standard in more than three quarters of the reclaimed sites it oversees.

“No other state in this country has set a toxicity standard for manganese, let alone a standard that DEP only applies to industry but does not hold or hold environmental groups and conservation organizations that also manage water pollution to the same standard,” Yaw said. “This is yet another example of the DEP’s politically motivated attacks on the industry, aided and abetted by an administration that routinely underrepresents the true impact of these regulatory regimes.”

The meeting will take place in room 461 of the main Capitol building and will be broadcast live on

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