Media gives climate denier fuel lobbyist a platform to attack ‘Just Stop Oil’ protests

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A climate denier and fuel lobbyist who campaigns against net zero emissions policies has been offered a platform by mainstream media to attack the fossil fuel protests, with no mention of his climate views or industry funders.

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK campaign against fuel taxes, has been quoted in The Sun, MailOnline, inews and the Telegraph live blog and was interviewed on Sky News this week about ‘Just Stop Oil’ campaigners , which were blocking fuel terminals to protest new oil drilling licenses.

the Sun The story quotes FairFuel as saying “1 in 3 garages are out of gas” and 1,200 gas stations have been affected. The claims, which were share by the Labor Party in a litigious tweet calling for injunctions against protesters, have been contradicted by the AA, the Petrol Retailers Association and the government.

Media that carried Cox’s claims failed to mention that FairFuelUK is funded by freight industry bodies Logistics United Kingdom and the Road Transport Association. They also didn’t mention that Cox has minimized what he calls the “presumed human-made causes” of climate change and interrogates its links to extreme weather conditions.

DeSmog has already reported about how climate deniers are using energy concerns to advance a pro-fossil fuel agenda.

Cox leads an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) with a Tory MP Craig Mackinlaypresident of the Net Zero Review Group backbenchers who are work with climate deniers to oppose the UK’s net zero target in 2050.

He recently spoke at panels organized by a denial group RAC26, and told the BBC last month that concern over the climate impact of lower fuel tariffs in the UK was a “virtuous signal”. Cox rejects the label of “claiming the change denier”, calling himself a “climate change realist”.

“Just Stop Oil” calls on the UK government to stop new oil and gas extraction licenses. The UN and International Energy Agency say there should be no new oil and gas projects if global temperatures are to be kept within the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C target .

The UN climate body, the IPCC, recently called for “significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions”, warning of “a brief window of opportunity that is rapidly closing to ensure a sustainable and sustainable future”. sustainable for all”.

Looking back on the oil disasters

Fair Fuel Tweeter on the fuel terminal protests, echoed by The sunsaid: “We’re getting credible reports that 1 in 3 garages are running out of gas and/or diesel, especially in the south, due to ‘stop oil’ amoebas.”

the MailOnline the story notes that this was contradicted by the AA, which said that despite “isolated” shortages, “none of its 2,700 patrols had difficulty obtaining fuel”, and by the Petrol Retailers Association , who said of his forecourts, “the majority is unaffected”.

The Guardian reported that FairFuel went back on its assertions after being contradicted by the government, Tweeter that “pump shortages are indeed minimal and not as severe as initially indicated”.

When contacted, Howard Cox told DeSmog, “AA is not the source of all traffic information. Our survey over the weekend of 2,600 drivers who responded to our request for fuel availability, showed that one in three respondents, mostly below the Midlands, had difficulty getting fuel, particularly from diesel. It is a fact. He improved a few days later on a follow-up. I reported exactly that.

Earlier this year Cox admitted the use of a “loaded” question in an online survey, also covered by The sunwhich would have shown public opposition to the UK’s 2030 petrol and diesel ban and other climate policies.

Last week the Sun published a poll supposedly showing high public support for fracking without telling readers it was commissioned by Net Zero Watcha campaign of climate denial that recently called so that renewable energies are completely “liquidated”.

The poll and the demand for renewable energy were promoted with quotes from Net Zero Scrutiny Group Chairman Craig Mackinlay.

The survey result of 44% support for fracking is out of step with the government’s official figure of 17 percent And one Opinion survey last week, which found only 26% support.

Denial of climate science

Cox increasingly opposes climate action. In a interview On BBC 5 Live Breakfast last month, Cox said concern over the climate impact of UK fuel tax cuts was a “virtuous signal”, and went on to question the scientific consensus on climate change.

After the interview, he complained about BBC bias, Tweeter: “The @BBCNews anti-private car driver stance has become their religion.”

Cox has spoken at three panels this year hosted by CAR26, a group of climate science deniers who questions on whether carbon dioxide is a “significant contributor to global warming” and suggests teaching children about climate change is “borderline child abuse”. Lois Perry, Director of CAR26 said the climate crisis is a “scam” designed by “elites” to make people poor and hungry.

To Event CAR26 on April 7, Cox offered to partner with another panelist James Delingpolean open climate denier who, at a Event CAR26 in February said: “Climate change is not real, in the sense that human-caused climate change is not a problem. Let’s stop paying lip service to this nonsense.

Last month revealed that Cox wrote a report for the Fair Fuel APPG opposing Britain’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, but did not say he is a director of a company, Ultimum, which develops the type of “fuel catalyst” promoted by his report. coxswain refuse any conflict of interest and affirmed that he would resign from the company.

Another contributor to the report was the Global Warming Policy Foundation, of which Net Zero Watch is the campaign wing. The group is work with Mackinlay and other backbench MPs to oppose the UK’s net zero target.

UPDATED 4/14/22 to include Howard Cox’s response.


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