Mental Health and Social Media: What Happens When Your Own Therapist Trolls You?


Being in public life for the past decade had kind of gotten me used to social media trolling. However, in this particular case, the intense trolling seriously affected my mental health. Although I filed an FIR with the Delhi Police, I did not feel normal. For days I was depressed and limited my interactions even with my family members. Seeing my terrible condition, my friends suggested I see a therapist and recommended this therapist to me as they were available online (this was back when the world was still figuring out Zoom and working at distance).

So I contacted them and got an appointment. Knowing how protective I am of my personal life, my friends suggested that I break down my walls and open up as much as possible if I really wanted to heal. Armed with all the pep talks about trust and safe space, I went for my first session and unloaded my vulnerabilities. I was as open as possible in the first session. I won’t go into details as it would be a breach of confidentiality. But they listened and I felt heard. They also suggested things I could do at my own pace, and I did. Up to this point, there were no red flags.

After this interaction, I saw them on my Twitter feed. They liked one of my tweets. I wasn’t even sure it was them, and I ignored it. I went for one more session and opened up even more. I thought they really had me. I was glad to have found a good therapist. But my excitement was short-lived.

I expected them to understand and respect professional boundaries. Naturally, when they popped up on my social media, I tried to ignore their existence.


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