Mike Golic almost took the morning TV gig


From 2000 to 2020, Mike Golic was part of many sports fans morning routines when he was on ESPN2 or ESPN Radio. Golic has done a lot since he and ESPN parted ways in 2020, but he’s almost gone back to doing morning sports TV elsewhere.

Golic was the guest of The Dave Pasch Podcast this week and while he didn’t reveal details about which network was offering him a return to morning sports TV, he said he likes to sleep well now in the morning.

“I almost went back to morning TV. It was an uncertain thing if I wanted to get up so early.

“I should have moved. It wasn’t the radio at all. It was a morning sports TV show. It just didn’t work. Everything was friendly and everything. The hardest part about it talking to my wife, she was like dammit, would you be able to get up at 4:15 again? I’m almost 60, it wouldn’t have been 20 years this time. I sort of got used to sleeping until 7:30, 8:00 a.m., so that early morning wake-up would have been interesting.

Meanwhile, Golic mentioned that over the past year or so he’s tried many different media ventures, such as calling NFL games for Westwood One, college football games for Learfield, directing from a podcast on DraftKings. — Golic & Smetty – and make appearances on Meadowlark Media with Dan Le Batard and StuGotz. One idea that was presented to him was to have his own podcast company.

“Someone offered me to start my own podcast business and I thought, man, do I really want to go down this road? If I was 10-15 years younger, maybe I I would. I hemmed and hawed with that.

Pasch and Golic were on the call for college football games in 2020 on ESPN. Pasch was doing the play-by-play from his home while Golic was at the Bristol studios. Meanwhile, Golic’s biggest fear was Pasch’s Wi-Fi going out, but he thought the duo had done a great job of making the crowd feel like they were at the game when they weren’t. was not.

“My biggest lesson was the fear that your Wi-Fi would go out, which I think he once did for a short time and I’d be left alone to do game by game and color. It was the biggest fear I had. You were at home, I was at least in the Bristol studios. I had tons of monitors, I had everything I needed except to be there.

“You do it from your home and all the negative possibilities that might arise when you try to stream a national TV show from your home. It was pretty wild. It was crazy that we worked all season together and the first time we saw each other was my last game at ESPN (Fiesta Bowl). It was always great fun. Our job was to call it like we were there and I think we did a good job of that.


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