Minister criticizes Patel for “ inflammatory and conflicting rhetoric ”


Scotland’s Constitution and External Affairs Secretary calls for an urgent meeting with Priti Patel on developing a ‘more human’ approach to immigration.

Angus Robertson wrote to the Home Secretary after saying immigrant returns would continue despite the demonstration in Glasgow which led to the release of two men held by law enforcement.

In a speech on immigration reform earlier this week, Ms Patel responded to the Pollokshields incident on May 13, saying the removals were indeed what the British public had voted for.

She slammed those who sought to disrupt execution, saying they “should consider whether their actions can prevent murderers, rapists and high-risk offenders from being deported from our communities” .

Glasgow Raids

Home Office later insisted she was not referring to the Glasgow raid in her last comment, but was making separate remarks about it and who was trying to block eviction flights for foreign offenders.

There is no indication that either of the men targeted in the Glasgow raid is linked to any of the crimes she described.

In his letter, Mr Robertson said he admitted that migration should be controlled ‘to deter and prevent abuse, fraud and criminal activity’, but that any enforcement proceedings in Scotland should be carried out with regard to concerns the safety of the community and ensuring “dignity, fairness and respect”.

“The immigration raid at Pollokshields, in the heart of a community celebrating Eid, a day after the Prime Minister warned of an upsurge in Covid-19 cases in south Glasgow, failed to do so. test, ”he wrote.

“This created an unnecessary situation requiring a significant police presence to ensure public safety.”

That day, protesters surrounded a border forces van on Kenmure Street with the two Indian nationals being held inside, preventing it from leaving.

The standoff lasted for several hours, with crowds chanting ‘Let our neighbors, let them go’ before Scottish Police officers released the two men on public safety grounds.

Rhetoric that divides

Mr. Robertson wrote: “The events of May 13 clearly reflected the views of the community. I do not consider inflammatory and confrontational rhetoric of those who act to protect murderers, rapists and high-level offenders to be helpful. “

He added that events have shown that those threatened with eviction are “often valued members of the communities of which they have been a part for many years”.

He continued, “Many of those subject to immigration law enforcement have not committed any crime and pose no threat to the public, having simply exhausted their rights of appeal.

“A more humane approach to immigration law enforcement is needed, one that reflects the views and values ​​of Scottish communities and does not involve the brutal approach of raids that disrupt our communities, are inherently source of division, endanger public health and increase in value. police resources.

“I would appreciate an urgent meeting to discuss how to ensure that the events on Kenmure Street do not happen again in the future.”

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “The UK government continues to tackle illegal migration and the damage it causes, often to the most vulnerable.

“We are proposing a fair but firm new immigration plan that will end abuse of the system and eliminate those who are not allowed to be here.”

“The public rightly expects us to deport those who have no right to be in the UK. The simple reality is that it is not possible for everyone who wants to come and live here to do so. It would not be fair to the people of this country, whose taxes fund public services and who have made it clear that they want control.

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