Most Read Articles – Power Semi-Market, AMD Supercomputing, Electronica 2022 Roundup


What are the topics covered? There’s the UK government’s order that Nexperia must sell at least 86% of the Newport Wafer Fab, our Electronica 2022 news roundup, Nexperia buying energy harvesting specialist, SiPearl and AMD working on the Exascale Supercomputing and Price Size in the Power Semiconductor Device Market…

5. Government orders Nexperia to sell 86% of Newport Wafer Fab
Nexperia must sell at least 86% of Newport Wafer Fab, government says following national security review. “We welcome foreign trade and investments that support growth and employment. But where we identify a national security risk, we will act decisively,” said Business Secretary Grant Shapps. The government has said there is a national security risk from compound semiconductor technology activities at the site and that these activities have the potential to undermine UK capabilities.

4. Electronica 2022 – The Latest Roundup of News
Don’t miss Electronics Weekly’s roundup of all our latest news from Electronica, the event taking place May 15-18 in Munich. Electronica is the world’s largest electronics show, and Electronics Weekly will cover it in depth, to discover the latest products, developments and industry trends.

3. Nexperia acquires Nowi
Nexperia has acquired six-year-old Dutch energy harvesting specialist Nowi. Nowi’s PMICs combine the smallest PCB footprint with the lowest BOM cost and best average harvest performance, says Nexperia.

2. SiPearl connects to AMD
SiPearl, the company that designs the Europrocessor, has partnered with AMD to offer a joint offer of exascale supercomputing systems, combining SiPearl’s HPC microprocessor, Rhea, with AMD Instinct accelerators. As a first step, AMD and SiPearl will jointly evaluate AMD ROC open software interoperability with the SiPearl Rhea microprocessor and build an optimized software solution that would enhance the capabilities of a SiPearl microprocessor combined with an AMD Instinct accelerator.

1. The market for power semiconductors will reach €59. 6 billion in 2027
The total power semiconductor device market is expected to reach $59.6 billion in 2027, according to Yole Developpement, with the discrete and modular power device market expected to reach $30.5 billion in 2027. power electronics is primarily driven by efforts to slow climate change. through reduced CO2 emissions and increased system efficiency, and digitalization trends. Trends such as ‘electrification’, ‘batteryfication’ and ‘automation’ are driving demand for power electronics systems and devices.


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